Monday, April 23, 2012


 Self portraits are the most fun. I am definitely going to frame them.

 I love my toaster :)

Cabinet update- still only primer on the top and red on the bottom. I have picked my color for the top and will hopefully get some color on there to try out :) (cabinets on the far left) And I love having the doors off the far set.

Shop open for business. Bring your cash. Top row only $50 each! Middle row, $75, and the bottom, $100 school bucks each. We are having a reading contest with play money as a reward. So they will grow up and expect to be paid to read :)

 These poor curtains have been in the works for weeks! Finally finished this one (rainbow panel in the middle) and need to finish the other one soon!

 OK, after years of avoidance, I have finally let yellow squeeze it's way into our house! It sneaks in and before you know it, it's sunny self is everywhere.

My mom introduced me to some fiction books about quilters. I love these books, and can't remember  the name..(email me if you want to know) and now I am inspired to quilt! I started with these little squares just to practice.

Hope all is well with you! We have been busy with school and baseball and church- all good things. I just finished our yearbook for this year- sooo fun! I made it with shutterfly (photobook) and finished it real quick today because they are having a 40% off sale and free shipping!

We also had our 6th anniversary service for our church and it was awesome, awesome! So thankful for my church. Oh, and we had our homeschool recital last Friday, and that was precious too. So that's what's going on here :)


Jennifer said...

did you take pictures of the recital? I would love to see them. I was hoping someone took a video of it.

Sarah said...

Good to hear from you again! I love those fun curtains! I'm thinking about bringing some yellow in...small doses. I have two wooden chairs that fold flat...used for extra seating but they seem to be always out.

Ruth said...

I love those curtains. Your toaster is great and I love the reflection in it, too.
It's been too long since I've had time to stop by. Hope are doing well.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Everything looks lovely and lively, as usual! And YAY for yellow!!!!

Julia Bettencourt said...

Hi Sarah. Searched into your blog somehow. Noticed your husband's site. Wanted to know if he was the same David Mincy (son of John and Gini? Used to be at Heritage Baptist in Ca?) Would like to come back for one of his cds if so. Thanks

Km said...

You have the happiest house!!!! My house needs to take art color lessons from yours! I love the little pretend shop.