Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012 (pink/coral/orange/peach)

So thankful for our beautiful Easter day. I am so blessed beyond what I can imagine. Blessed to be redeemed by my precious Jesus. Blessed to be loved by Him and constantly drawn closer to him.

My favorite song this Easter! *especially the 2nd verse....

I will glory in my Redeemer
My life He bought, my love He owns
I have no longings for another
I’m satisfied in Him alone
I will glory in my Redeemer
His faithfulness my standing place......

And the 3rd verse:

I will glory in my Redeemer
Who carries me on eagle’s wings
He crowns my life with lovingkindness
His triumph song I’ll ever sing
I will glory in my Redeemer
Who waits for me at gates of gold
And when He calls me it will be paradise
His face forever to behold

Oh, I can't leave out the first verse!....

I will glory in my Redeemer
Whose priceless blood has ransomed me
Mine was the sin that drove the bitter nails
And hung Him on that judgment tree
I will glory in my Redeemer
Who crushed the power of sin and death
My only Savior before the Holy Judge
The Lamb Who is my righteousness

(Steve and Vikki Cook)

*she was so mad at me! Thought she was going to fall right out of the basket :)

I repainted these drawers (to match my cake ?! :) )

Painted the little strip on the top of the drawers, since they frequently get left slightly ajar ;)

Subtle colors cake.

*the idea for the chalk wall inspired by Dana Tanamachi.

Easter 2012 was brought to you today by the letter R, which stands for Redeemer! ( to free, liberate, rescue, save.) Hope you had a wonderful day, a day to remember- Jesus is Alive!


Kellie said...

I know that my Redeemer liveth! Love your "living" easter basket... and striped cake! Happy Easter Friend!

Lydia said...

I decided yesterday that my next piece of art will say, "Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be til I die." Redemption is my favorite "R" word:) my hubby's name is 2nd:)

DJ said...

Girlfriend & Sister In Christ, you just gotta read about my Easter. Sorry to be "forward" about it, but I'm so excited about what He does for me, not only this weekend, but every day!
Our Father made all those glorious colors we love so much! Isn't He Amazing????
Whee! I could eat the whole cake, lemme tell
Big Hugs,

Jennifer said...

love the chalk wall

Sarah said...

I love the chalkboard wall! Can you come and do mine??!!

Connie Carlson said...

Sara, I love your chalkboard words to the song..."Jesus my Redeemer"! Could you do a picture for me with those exact words that are on the chalkboad? Thanks mucho if it would be possible! Love, Auntie Connie