Friday, March 23, 2012

spiritualizing the smartphone :)

OK, so the story goes like this. I did not want an iphone originally. I thought they were evil :) Not really, but I didn't think I needed one. (by the way, the cookies are just here to be pretty, aren't they pretty?! Just short bread with powdered sugar frosting and a gradual adding of green)

But, Dave went out and bought us both iphones for our anniversary last year (or was it the year before? I can't remember, must have been the year before). Now- I have no idea what I would do if I could not find out the weather at any minute! I have a gps with me everywhere I go, and a compass! That comes in handy if you are me:)

There are just so many fun things about an iphone....internet access 24/7, camera, texting, Oh, and I can call people too :)

But, what I feared would happen, happened. I began to be tethered to my phone. Could not go anywhere without it. Was texting Dave when he was in the same room. Was checking my e-mail constantly throughout the day....

I have always felt guilty about that. Especially when I could be talking to my kids and instead would have my nose stuck in my phone reading blogs or who knows what else.

Here comes the good part! I decided that I wanted to put off these habits- but knew I needed to put on something else- have something in that spot. To fill the void. When I am doing a mundane household chore, I would either be listening to some stupid youtube video - or watching some junk on netflix.

So I started adding apps and links to good stuff- Focus on the Family has a free app. I can just push that button and listen to the daily broadcast. This has been great for me! Then a friend reminded me of Jackpot! This is just a goldmine of speakers and programs to listen to: all Christian, encouraging, and uplifting. So now I can listen to Revive our Hearts, Beth Moore, John Piper, Dr. Dobson, Messages from Spurgeon, Kay Arthur, the list goes on! That's not all! I found some readers' theatre programs that the kids and I love (I am trying to link from, but it's not working for me right now--the kid like Lamplighters and also Your Story Hour- I love them too- great stories about historical figures, or character stories). Wow- this is huge for our media loving family. Good stuff to put in our brains and hearts. And what I love is that it is at a touch of a button!

Now I have all of these apps and links as well as Christian music on my phone- so I am stuffing my mind with things of the Lord and good parenting advice. I have noticed a huge difference in my attitude and thoughts. More positive! (don't ask Dave because I still have a long way to go in having the right reactions and attitudes even for most of the day- but it is getting better!)

I would love to hear your experiences with your phone/tv/internet. Are you able to keep it all in balance? Do you struggle with the lure of worldly entertainment? I know I do, but I am making baby steps (with God's help) and I am proud of it! (oops, I mean thankful- not proud :) :)


Gini Mincy said...

That's great that you've found these apps -- I use SermonAudio -- I try to listen to Steve's sermon each week and Mark's and any others that catch my eye -- I listen while I'm on the treadmill or stationery bike -- makes the time pass faster. I'd love to have the links to the story hours you mentioned. I listen to BBN at noon -- I try -- they are reading Gladys Aylward's bio right now. And then in the evening at 5:15 they are reading another missionary bio -- Jaffries?? to China -- hey, he was a Canadian!
Keep me posted on any great apps you find.

Kellie said...

Bravo! Peace and quiet is good too! Love the cookies - too cute!

mollie's mom said...

Sara, I am passing along a little sunshine that someone shared with me... in the form of the Sunshine Award
Love your blog, Marcie

Jennifer said...

first of all those cookies look soooo good. I still use my laptop for a lot of things, but I admit that I am addicted when I leave my house.....always checking email etc, but I love my music on there as well as my running app, so like anything, there is a plus and minus of having a phone like that.

Lydia said...

hmmm.....I'm not tied to my phone. I have yet to watch anything on it, I do text and check email about 2xs a day. I don't even listen to music on it. It is mostly a way for me to communicate and keep in touch with people because certain folks were getting upset that I was so unavailable. I'm AM however tied to my laptop. I quit FB and reading most blogs,and am not on Pinterest hardly at all anymore. but I do love computer games and movies...still trying to decide how many hours a week to let myself do that. I do love my entertainment:)