Friday, March 2, 2012

really great & super

Had to share some good stuff I've found lately:

You know when you meet another mom or fellow human being that you immediately admire and want to be like? The kind of person you want to follow around with paper and pen to write down their thoughts? This is one of those people to me. And here are two inspiring posts that will speak to your soul:
Simplifying Relationships
The Most Important Tools in the Home

And on to a totally different topic- DR. SEUSS HAT bread!!!!...................

Have you ever seen anything this adorable??? Oh my goodness. I want to make it this instant...but I am kinda waiting for the food coloring to wear out of our systems from our rainbow b-day cake before I try this one :) :)

Can't wait to make these...with a side order of..............

These!!! Carrots and hummus! Cute and healthy.

And how adorable is this clover leaf garland? (the only thing that would make it a tiny bit cuter would be to use all different patterned green paper, but then you knew that, didn't you?)

OK, and I found my long lost twin- seriously, look at this kitchen and then click over here to see my twin and her house!!! (globes, maps, patchwork wall [!], yard sticks, chalkboards, polka dots...) So, she may not be my twin, but I am a her-wannabe.

Last but not least- this picture is just so happy. Fabric wrapped frames are beautiful.

Hope you are having a good week. Love to you from our house to yours.


Jennifer said...

that kitchen looks just like you:)

Gini Mincy said...

I DID have to scroll back on Pinterest when I saw that kitchen -- thought it looked kind of "familiar."

DJ said...

Sigh...I just love your style!
It makes me happy just to visit your blog, Sara.
Keep being the wonderful YOU that God made.
Love & Laughter,

cranny + b said...

that is so funny, Sara!! I totally thought that was your kitchen! love it : )