Saturday, March 31, 2012


I am just crazy about flowers this spring. My first time to ever put up a window box! So much fun. I just stuck a variety of flowers in there and am hoping for the best :)

Gardening is funny- if you keep a flower alive for a week it gives you hope and happiness and you have to plant more :) I am addicted. Thank You, God for a rainbow of flowers!

Super excited about Easter. What a great holiday! Jesus is alive- time to celebrate. I can't help it- I have to make another layer cake. This time inspired by these paper napkins I found at Target:
This type of cake is easy if you plan ahead- in the week ahead of time: make the cakes and freeze. then take out the day of party and ice.

More inspiration:


Jennifer said...

what time is dessert?

Debby said...

Love your new banner. Your hair has gotten really looks nice.
The front of your house and the flower box is so cute.

Kellie said...

Love your flower box... so colorful and cheery! And who wouldn't want a striped cake! Love it!

Sarah said...

The flowers look great! I don't have any yet. Spring has come so early this year!!