Sunday, February 26, 2012

rainbow party

Our baby is {almost} 6! We had her party last night- nice to have Dave's family in town to celebrate with us :)

Rainbow kabobs!!!!!!! Yay- so fun, healthy, colorful. We definitely will make them again- the kids helped with these.

There's the cake! Looks right at home :) You can see the upper cabinets have their first coat of red paint.

She liked her cake :)

The ice cream had to match.

This was fun to make too, just melt some of the first layer (lime sherbet) pour it into a parchment lined loaf pan, freeze. Repeat with each color.

This cake is seriously my favorite. Next year, same cake, different colors...the possibilities are endless!

Happy Rainbow Birthday, Skibby Loo! We love you- you bring ColOr and sparkle to our lives :)

Cake idea from here
Kabob idea from pinterest (pinterest won't let me link!)


Stephanie said...

LOVE it! So fun and colorful, but I expected that coming from you :) Happy Birthday to your sweet 6 year old!

Debby said...

A perfect party for YOUR little girl. I would have loved to see what she wore. She dresses like my granddaughter Elli. And guess what....she wants a rainbow party. I will pass these ideas on.
Happy Birhtday to your colorful daughter.

christiejayne said...

Wow! So much fun!!

Jennifer said...

so're such a good mom!

Kellie said...

So much fun! Love the fruit kabob idea!

Mark and Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Skye! I'm having the same cake for my birthday! I guess we have the same tastes :) Miss you!

Jenna :)

Sarah said...

How adorable! Love all the colors! Good job, mommy!

The Ravert Family said...

wow how do you even finish one piece pf that cake!!! Love it :)

Gini Mincy said...


These pictures turned out beautifully inspite of your camera troubles! I hope we can be at the party next year -- because I truly do not know how you could "top" this one -- you are amazing!