Thursday, February 2, 2012

party! 9 year old boy style

Let's start healthy, why don't we, because it's going to go downhill from here. Our 8 year old turned 9 on Tuesday! He wanted a lemon cake with light green frosting. Pineapple and kiwi fit right along with that since they match, and he loves them.

And what a happy cake topper- some ninja-type lego guy with various weaponry.

There he is- seriously, those beady little eyes will follow you wherever you turn...

Off to the lego store to spend his b-day money! (lego party 2010, lego store 2011)

Back to the cake.

The green loving boy was very happy.

Dave and I found our favorite lego set.

How many more years will we get to celebrate at the lego store? Our 5 year old will turn 6 at the end of this month and she has taken a liking to the girl maybe we will continue on down the lego brick road :)


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to your son! I love the lego VW bus, awesome! Jackson's just getting into legos here, but still gets frustrated with them as he can't quite put them together by himself too well. The lego store sounds amazing, is there one in your town?

gailsgarden said...

Hurray for the 9 year old! We can tell that the day was happy. We wish we could have popped in.

The Ravert Family said...

Yum, those kiwi and pineapple kabobs look delicious! I think I want to make some for my boys birthdays! Its a good way to fit at least one thing healthy in :) I have been given an order for a racecar cake for my sone turning 3 and a basketball/football,soccerball,baseball cake for my son turning 1 (ordered by his older brother)! Happy Birthday to your little/big boy!!!!

Kellie said...

LEGOS are AWESOME! One of the few toys we have kept... and they occasionally come out when little kids visit the house... but it is amazing how the adult children will actually get down on the floor to play too!

Monica said...

How many more years will you get to celebrate at the Lego Store???

Well, our oldest son just turned 20 and he STILL loves Star Wars Legos! :) Our youngest son is 9 and he is loving Legos too. I think we'll be celebrating with Legos for a very long time to come!

The cake looks delish!

Monica said...

a lemon cake with green I totally get your youngest's comment that her brother wanted a green and yellow cake! :)
And that's a pretty cool van. My parent's had one of those, only it wasn't a pretty red. It wasn't pretty AT ALL.
Maybe one day we can afford to do the lego convention when it comes to Raleigh!