Saturday, February 18, 2012

home is where the blankets are

Here's that orange/white striped blanket I wanted to show you from my funky little thrift store.

The striped blanket on the back of the couch is the one I got at Frenchys. How adorable?!?! Blankets and pillows everywhere...

The blankets have made me love my couches again....just layer, layer..(that's my motto...along with, more is long as it's from a thrift store)

Speaking of blankets and pillows- Sadie can always find the comfiest spot :)

Hope you had a great Saturday :)


Monica said...

I love all your blankets! Funny you should mention them - My husband and I and our oldest daughter were at a local Farmer's Market last weekend and my daughter and I each bought an afghan. I later told my husband I wanted lots of quilts around the house - Much like the one on your bed! I also just remembered I bought a rag quilt at a yard sale a while back (for just $2). It's all kinds of crazy colors, but it would be fun to have out too. I just need to finish clipping it and throw it in the wash to get it all worn looking. Enjoy your blankets!

Debby said...

COZY BLANKETs for sure.
Stop by and sign up for my giveway.

gailsgarden said...

I'm still waiting to see the boys' room with their Christmas quilts!