Thursday, January 5, 2012

To Canada and Back (all in one post!)

Our trip started out sunny and warm. We love driving through NYC. This time I was not the only one gawking and shooting pictures at every street sign. Both boys got cameras for Christmas and were snapping pictures from every window of the van.

Got a little crafting done in the van- when you have 22 hours to drive, you find stuff to do. Let's see, I read 2 books, surfed pinterest, made some of these fabric flowers, broke up fights from the back seat, listened to hours of books on cd, passed out snacks, bothered Dave, took pictures, and ate snacks. What I didn't do: drive! Dave is the man- he drove all 22 hours (we took 3 days to get up there, stopping at hotels; and 2 days on the way back)

I think this was a Panera Bread food stop in NY.

We stayed overnight in Portland Maine and woke up to SNOW! We were so excited.

Nice that they kept the roads plowed so well for us southern drivers.

So pretty.

Last food stop before Canada: The Bangor Mall in Bangor Maine. Good memories of that mall from my childhood. The first time I ever laid eyes on a gap was at this mall. No time to shop, tho- just ate hotdogs, scarfed some julius, and hit the snowy road.

Arrival in Canada! Mom and Dad had the house so cozy and ready for us.

We were just in time for supper :)


Somehow we ended up opening presents that night- the 23rd.

The next day: Christmas Eve day- lots of snow to play with!

It was sooooo cold that day. But we had lots of thrifted and borrowed snow clothes, we could hardly move!

Christmas Day! Dad + Mom's view of the frozen lake. We went to church and then headed out to the farm.

Mom and Dad have a new house at the farm. Everything was soooo beautiful!

I love this mirror

And I love the dresser...

And this room was adorable! (they have good taste :)

Wool socks + plaid shirts= a must for Christmas in the north woods :)

More playing in the snow! Not as cold today.

lots of sledding. It is impossible not to smile when you are sledding

Dad + the snowblower

Adorable door


Grampa on the sled

Back inside to get warmed up.

Some crafting with Gramma

We (Dave) dragged the tree down the hill- next step- set it up.

Put on the lights...

Then decorate!

Take a break and drink some Coke Snow.

This was typical- us relaxing and mom cooking :)

Gramma on the sled!

We went into Saint John one day. Saw the house I grew up in.

A very important stop- my favorite thrift store of all time!!! I got the cutest striped blanket- I'll have to show you that.

Stopped by the beach- coooold and windy. But gorgeous.

My high school! I'll never forget having art class on the top floor with those arched windows overlooking the harbor.

Downtown (actually up town) Saint John (New Brunswick). Such a beautiful port city.

Fun touristy shops.

For supper we ate at the Reversing Falls restaurant- where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding.

Got to meet up with Helen! My best friend growing up. We always feel like we have never even been apart. We talked and talked while Dave went and ate some poutine :)

Mudroom at the farm.

On our way home- our last Canadian treat- ketchup chips!

You are a true friend if you lasted until the end of our trip down memory lane :) Good memories made this Christmas :)


Tammy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

I'm sure I'd like the ketchup chips, I love dipping my chips in ketchup!

gailsgarden said...

You have some amazing pictures, especially the snow scenes!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome trip! I'm not sure If I new you grew up in Canada???!!! Your high school looked very neat, especially that it over looked the harbor, how fun! Can't wait to see the blanket you got!

Kellie said...

Oh how fun... reminds me of our trip north when we actually crossed the border into Canada to see that side of Niagra Falls! The kids were little then...not any more! And Orange Julius... miss that stuff!

pattie said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had lots of fun--thanks for sharing!
p.s. Your hair is so long! Really cute:)

Jennifer said...

I loved looking at these....would love to see more....few questions....Ketcup chips? really? and did Dave drink a snow coke or snow diet coke!!!! I've never had that....just snow ice cream. Loved seeing the snow pictures and especially your mom and dad sledding. It looks like it was a fabulous trip. Hope to see more!

jen said...

What a great adventure! I especially love the mudroom mitten picture. Thanks for sharing!

Ann said...

No Ketchup Chips in NC? That's really sad!!!

Connie Carlson said...

What a wonderful post! I loved it all! What a special Christmas you had! Love, Aunt Connie

Monica said...

LOVE the pictures from your hometown, and you DID have a gorgeous high school! But I have to ask, what is pointe?

Grompy said...

It made me homesick for Canada. Loved all the pictures. Talked with your mom and heard about all the fun. Aunt Cher

Debby said...

Great fun. Love all the pictures. The pictures of your parents sledding are so cute. Love that farm house. That kitchen is perfect. It is so much fun watching the fun people have in the snow when they aren't used to it. We have hardly had any in Ohio yet. Very unusual. It was actually in the high 50's today.
Happy New Year.

Lydia said...

Love LOVE all the photos!!! Favorites- Gramma and Grandpa on the sleds!!! And I ADORE your high school,what a FABULOUS building!!! So glad you got to go home for Christmas!!

kathy said...

Really enjoyed your post, and the pictures of Saint John!! I know I mentioned to you before that we lived in Quispamsis for 19 years, so call Saint John area home ;-) So happy for you that you got some snow...yay for snow at Christmas in N.B.!! I always enjoy your posts...they are such fun and colorful ~ blessings, kathy

Victoria said...

Loved your pictures! Happy for you being able to go "home" for Christmas. Looks like a fun time was had by all. We visited St. John a few years ago and would love to go back.

mollie's mom said...

I lasted til the end!! haha. Loved it - your parents are adorable- seriously! I pinned the book you showed with the moose. I can see a whole lesson and projects to go with!! I'm ordering it asap. Happy New Year!

Sue said...

I am a true friend :). Okay, MI is close to Canada...I have never even HEARD of ketchup chips. Beautiful pics - every last one.