Friday, January 20, 2012

t-shirt art

You know how it is when you haven't created something in too long?! That is how it has been around here...soooo, we had to remedy that! My little girl had some t-shirts that were dying to be embellished.

I ironed fabric onto some fusible web (wonder under? I think it may be called), cut out the shapes, and ironed them onto the shirts.



And stitched! I had an awful time with my sewing machine- the thread kept breaking- so I called a local fabric store to ask advice. She told me that I had used the wrong fusible stuff (be sure to check the packaging and get the sewable kind). But that I could keep cleaning the needle with fingernail polish remover and that would keep it going (the thicker fusible gets the needle sticky with glue)

It worked and I was able to sew them all on. Here is one for me....

And a matching one for my girl!

I never claimed to be a neat and orderly stitcher :)

Oh goodness! I have fun dressing my doll :)

And goodness, she has too much fun posing :)


Paper Pear said...

OOOOh how I lOVE these!! My daughter is growing like crazy and I feel like I just bought her clothes! I am taking a trip to Target...buying a few cheap plain t-shirts and dolling them up! Soo tired of spending big bucks on designs I can do myself! THANK you soo much for sharing :)

Kellie said...

Bravo! Love 'em!

Paintedpaper said...

So stinkin cute!!!! Love them all! I am with you I am not great a sewing but I can cut and iron! I love it! :)

The family Z said...

They look great! What I would love to know is how they wash up. I still can't get 2 wears out of my daughter's clothes, so they see the inside of the washing machine a lot. Do you think they could survive a whole summer of washing?

Lydia said...

Love! I need a Sara M. original shirt:) And guess what???? Your hair is longer than mine now!!!!!!!!!!! a lot longer:)

Kellie said...

Hi Sara... thanks for stopping by my blog today! Keep watching... I hope to finish the other 8 ballerina's soon! If you're serious... let me know! I'd love to smock for your little ballerina!