Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear :)

It's Dave's birthday and I got a present. My sweet girl wrapped up the masking tape (that I had been looking for-- That she stole and hid...)

It's Dave's birthday and what do we buy? Clay for the classroom.

It's Dave's birthday and he has no feet (but he has ears and he looks very happy....)

Happy Birthday, Dave ((2 days ago :))


gailsgarden said...

Happy Birthday to him! Hope he gets our card before the end of the month. Haha!

Stephanie said...

Love the clay! Happy Birthday to Dave!

Catherine Anne said...

It has been too long. So good to stop in. I am about to look around and catch up. Blessings, Catherine Anne

Sarah said...

I love that picture! How cute is that?!?!