Thursday, December 15, 2011

we've been crafting

A patchwork tree is a must for December art class. What is it about patchwork?!?! It makes me so happy- especially when crafted by little kid hands :)

And in the window?!? I am beyond happy.

These handprint snowman ornaments were fun to make too. I saw the idea here.

And the santa hand prints! I saw the idea at a friends' house, and then Lindsay posted about it.

I know this is a change from my usual decor- and I like that contrast- not everything can be neon with polka dots :)

LinkI don't know what it is about the santa hats this year but for some reason I think they are sooo cute. So I made the kids have a little photo shoot.


Kellie said...

How cute... we still have the three santa hats, not sure I can get them to wear them this year though! I will be thrilled if we can just all be together at one time hats or no hats!

Jill said...

precious!! (the photo shoot)
and I just LOVE patchwork too!- just makes me happy, and ANYTHING created by little hands is a treasure!

Jennifer said...

we used to do the santa handprints in was one of my favorites.

Stephanie said...

Looks like you guys are really enjoying the season! Only 10 more days til' Christmas!!!! Have a kind makes me feel like a kid again!

Montgomery Family said...

I need to leave you lots more're one of my favoritest blogs!!! I love how creatively you homeschool!!! Thanks for sharing your heart and ideas!!

Sarah said...

I love your outdoor art piece!!!