Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving, Shopping, Eating, Trees....(what else is there?)

Hope your Thanksgiving was nice. We had a good time with Dave's family. Loved Mom M's Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Day- 4:30pm
The weather was beautiful.

Thanksgiving Day- 11:30pm
Dave and I participated in our very first late night Black Friday sale. We got to Old Navy at 9pm on Thanksgiving and waited for 3 hours until they opened the store at midnight. We were the 12th and 13th in line (of about 400) and each got a free kodak digital camera!! We are so happy- the boys each have wanted a camera for some time- so win-win for us...get to shop the deals and get 2 cameras to boot. (don't tell the boys...Granna, that includes you :) The store was packed, but we came out unscathed. Did you shop Black Friday? Tell me what happened for you. I have always said (when people ask me if I shop black Friday) that I would if there was something worth it for me- and this year it was worth it. (Oh, and Dave talked me into it and fed me mint m&ms)

Then, then! We stopped for a surprise Ikea visit on the way home. I was just dozing off to sleep when the car veered off the highway and onto...Ikea Boulevard! Ikea is about the halfway point from Dave's parent's house to ours- so it was the perfect time to stop and eat some Swedish meatballs and roam around. I wish I could have stuck this adorable little couch in my pocket and brought it home!

Now for a veer off topic.....raw oatmeal! Did you know you can pour yourself a bowl of old fashioned oats, add toppings (bananas, honey + walnuts, or apples + cinnamon), pour on the milk, and have a delicious cereal? I read about this somewhere. I like it as long as there are topping- but when you run out of toppings it gets a little tedious.

Another plus from the purple camera- panorama shots!

We put the tree(s) up before we left for Thanksgiving and I am soooo glad we did. It was perfect to come home late on Friday night and see the trees waiting for us.

So, I have 2 questions for you:
1. Did you shop black Friday
2. Is your tree up yet?


Robyn Rasmussen said...

Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I love the bright colors in your home! We did the Black Friday late night thing too but didn't end up with too much because the crowds were too horrendous to deal with. And the tree...I'm looking for the motivation to do it this year?
-Robyn from

Debby said...

No Black Friday shopping for me.
Never have and probably won't. I saw those cameras advertised. I thought maybe they were disposables but they are real cameras.
Now I might have done the wait for them if I needed them for gifts.
I have alot of my decorating done. I use little trees now and love the easy part of that.
I want to come to your house for Christmas. So colorful and your
NEED that polka dot sofa.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I shop black friday....i'm crazy, but it makes me feel young:). It's the one night I can actually stay up!! Yes, our tree was up on Friday. Glad you had a great trip.

Kellie said...

You are so crazy! I went Black Friday about 10 years ago and I don't usually say never but for this I will make an exception... never again! I'm not sure anything is worth that madness again. The tree... can't wait til Dec first to put it up! I make myself wait til then so I can enjoy the fall decorations just a lil' bit longer! If you were with your in-laws that must mean you were in GSC... and we didn't see you! One of these times we will have to do coffee or something when you're in town!

Donovan Doins said...

My hubby went to Black Friday at Best Buy for me. (The DSLR that he got me for our 25th anniversary in April 2012 was on a super sale. Yep, he let me open it early!)
He didn't go until 7:30 though. He is a much better shopper than I am.

Monica said...

We did the 10pm at Walmart on Thanksgiving night...our first "Black Friday" shopping ever! We did get what we were there for. :) I don't think we'll do it again though unless there's a super good deal. We had to double park (no HC parking open), and it must have irked someone 'cause they folded in the rearview mirrors and pulled the wipers on the van out. Thankfully it was all fixable, but it startled me. Not sure what Bobby would have done had I not been with him. :(

gailsgarden said...

Just put up our IKEA curtains today and we LOVE THEM! Maybe I need another pair. Going to any more IKEAs?

I hope the kids don't think that is household wear in Canada. Bring some warm clothes!

Stacy Costner said...

No~Black Friday. My shopping was already finished! Yes~trees are up and whole house decorated. I host Thanksgiving at my house and spend that night and the next day transforming my house for the Annual Rudolph Party which is the Friday after Thanksgiving at 6pm. We started 7 years ago when my niece was 4 and my son was 2. Now add in a nephew, 4, along with the 9 and 11 year old. They still look forward to it! Cookies, hot chocolate and an early present (usually pj's or an ornament). Thank you for sharing your traditions and family with us!

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

1. My next couch will be the polka dot couch from Ikea. :)
2. Your hair looks awesome long.
3. Your house is beaming with Christmas magic.

Stephanie said...

Love that couch!
No black friday shopping here, and we did decorate that day! Love having Christmas up already!