Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sadie, pillow, food, race, and a coat

Sadie's favorite little spot :)

Oh my goodness! A sweet reader sent me this pillow- isn't it the cutest thing ever?!?!?!

OK- since you asked- we are eating {a lot of} vegetarian meals :) :) You knew I couldn't quit meat cold turkey, right?! I love eating vegetarian- I love eating super healthy and tons of fruit and veggies- but then real life sets in and I end up doing that about half of the time- and the other half- there are hotdogs and mac n' cheese...and Chinese take-out...baby steps, I say!

Dave ran a half marathon!!! 13.1 miles! I am SO proud of him. We made signs and cheered- it was a great experience. If you are ever bored and want a little excitement and want to be a huge encouragement to someone, look up a local race and go find a spot on the route with few other spectators- then when each runner comes by, cheer specifically for them, "you can do it! You are doing an awesome job!"

Dave said this is what got him through to the finish line. And it was thrilling to see people struggling at mile 10, who brighten up and push a little harder when you cheer them on.

Little miss and I are having fun with her fall wardrobe. My mom found this little trench coat at Frenchy's (best thrift store ever...only in Canada..pity)

Oh my goodness....I have so much to show and tell! The pumpkin patch! Our Halloween costumes! I have missed you :) Was it only a week? Felt like longer.


Kellie said...

Love the first and last pic... Sadie looks perfectly content and your little girl looks so Audrey Hepburn in her little trench coat and too cute shoes!!!! Love it!

Jane said...

The Sadie pic had me laughing out loud!!

Your daughter looks like Madeline. So classically beautiful!

Sarah said...

Yay! You're back! I'm proud of you! Love the puppy pic. That's hilarious. And your little girl's hair. Oh my, how beautiful!!!

mollie's mom said...

Missed you!! Love the trench coat - she's a doll!1 My daughter ran XC and Track in HS and you are right - cheering on runners is such fun! It can be very exciting at the HS level. Go to a HS Track meet - you will be amazed at the talent. My daughter and I are running( her) and walking (me) a 5K on Thanksgiving morning as a fundraiser for our local homeless shelter before we consume our non-vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner - Haha!

Heather said...

The pillow is SOOOO sweet! I have pillow envy..and wish I could say I'd whip one up in my leisure time...oh..but wait....drat.