Friday, November 18, 2011

it's the little things

I need a new blog category entitled, Goodwill Has Been Good to Me. I am ecstatic about these mittens. Here in the South it is hard to find cute mittens at thrift stores. I love mittens- especially this striped pair.

This bench has come in handy as my little photo shoot spot! Are you getting sick of seeing it as a background yet?

Another blog category: pancakes! I luv pancakes too :) We have made valentine pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, watermelon waffles, and polka dot pancakes.

Last night we had PB&J pancakes. I read in a magazine that you can add a half cup of peanut butter to pancake batter. They were pretty good, but what made them better was the raspberry jam that I heated up til runny.

Another thrift store find: a retro mug holder.

Nice to have the mugs close at hand as the weather gets colder.

I re-patchworked my back splash. I had taped the paper up before and covered with contact paper. I had thought the paper would be very temporary, but I love it- and want it to be more permanent and durable (the edges were starting to come up). So I got some new paper at Archiver's and put mod podge just on the back, then when dried, I covered it all with clear contact paper. I am soooo happy with this paper- see the tiny bicycles? Small things make me happy; mittens, pancakes, and paper :)

Hope you have a great Friday night. Dave told me he is going to make a fire in the fireplace - and I could not be happier...I may just put on the mittens and make hot chocolate for one of my mugs (it's 49*!)


Kellie said...

Appreciating the little things... now that's thanksgiving! Love the mittens!

The Ravert Family said...

Sounds like a good plan...we may join in on the fireplace fun...LOVE having a REAL fireplace :)

The Dreaming Bear said...

So glad you are finding the magic all around you! Happy Thanksgiving, bloggy friend!

Sarah said...

I love your mittens!