Tuesday, October 4, 2011

yay, Fall!

Fall is the funnest time of year to dress. Jeans, sweaters, scarves, boots- super fun. Here are a few of my favorite outfits from my pinterest board.

Today was a good day...thought I'd record it here to remember:

6:10- turned off my alarm and reset it. (talked myself into walking on the treadmill later)
6:35- turned my alarm off and decided that I really needed to get out of bed this time.
Shower, hair, makeup, get dressed- jeans, t-shirt and hoodie today (started out in the low 60s and got warmer later)
7:30ish- Said hi to boys (playing legos in their room)
Looked in on the girl- still sleeping
Let Sadie out to potty
Make bowl of cereal for myself- boys get their cereal.
Little Miss wakes up. Time for her Multigrains! (Multigrain cheerios every day for that kid- before that it was Honey Nut Cheerios)
8:00- Devotions on the couch (a little distracted- the kids come in and out- I tell them to get going on their chores, devotions, and piano practice)
8:30- Get a load of laundry in, pick up a few messes, stick some dishes in the dishwasher
9:00- School time! We all stomp up to the schoolroom. Best time of day- Bible story, storytime, memory work, songs, poems, geography, science reading.
10:30- Downstairs again for snack- yogurt for the kids, chips and salsa for me. I deal with the laundry for a few minutes while the kids play legos
11:00- Back up the stairs! Back to work. I assign work, drill one child with flashcards while another reads to a brother, I switch and have one read to me while the others do writing, etc, etc...in the midst of it all we decide to make Indian corn (we had just read some info about it). One kid gets hers and mine done while the boys finish their math.

12:20- Back downstairs for lunch. The kids run outside while I get food ready. Pineapple, sandwiches, veggie chips.
12:30- they come in to eat and I finish reading a chapter to them from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
1:00- Back upstairs to finish a few school projects
1:30- quiet time! The boys start off together in their room (quiet time means that they can play or do whatever quietly without bothering mom)...but they got louder and louder- so I separated them- one had the room to himself and the other brought toys and books to use in the living room. Our girl was having quiet time in the schoolroom- using the craft supplies up there. I answered some e-mails, then- took a nap.
3:00- More laundry, make a few phone calls, kids get up and make themselves a snack- the boys have a huge mess in their room- so one works on that while the other finishes piano practice. Little Miss watches a Tom + Jerry dvd. I start making banana bread and figuring out what else we will have for supper.
4:00- I decide that we will set the tent up outside and use it for school tomorrow- I figure the boys can put it up themselves. Corn chowder is on my menu for this week, so I get stuff out for that. The boys try and set up the tent and need help. I get the soup started and then go out to help. We get it up- just even the smell of a tent (that plastic-like crayon smell) makes me happy :) The kids get sticks for the bonfire and fight over who has the right size sticks....
5:00- oops- the soup is not quite ready- I only have about half of the stuff in the pot- quick- finish that-we have soccer for the baby in an hour. Make a salad, she cuts (whacks) the banana bread, the soup tastes souper boring- I add chili powder hoping it will taste like chicken tortilla soup that way. (guess it didn't quite work, everyone doused it with salt)
5:20- we sit down to eat. After a bit, Dave reads the questions we got from our parenting class - thought provoking questions for your kids. Tonight's questions: What could you not live without? How would God provide for you if you had to go without that thing? What thing could Dad not live without? Mom? We got into a good discussion.....oops- It's 5:40! We're going to be late for soccer.. Dave gets a business related call- we all scramble to get ready.
5: 53- leave for soccer
6:04- they have already started. She actually kicks the ball tonight. Super beautiful weather- the boys play football on another field. Dave and I cheer.
7:30ish - get home from soccer- start the getting ready for bed process..boys on the computer checking football stats. I scramble to get sheets on the beds (they had been washed today..that was long overdue). Dave does supper dishes.
8:00- Baby in bed, boys heading to their room. I get some things ready for school tomorrow. Dave goes for a run. I fold some clothes- put in another load.
9:00- Aaah! I get the computer all to myself! Time to blog/read, answer e-mails.
9:43- realized I never did get on the treadmill :(

Thank You, Lord, for the good day! I am so blessed. Thank You for Dave who works hard to provide for us- thank you for our kids- thank you that I can stay home with them. Thank you that I am not potty training anyone right now!!!!!!! (prayers and hugs to my friends who are :) :)


Kellie said...

A day in the life... enjoy Mom! 7:30 am say goodbye to kids (aka college students) as they head out the door.... 8:20pm welcome them home after a very long day! Enjoy all you moms with little ones!

Stephanie said...

That was fun reading a day in your life. Now get some sleep ;) that was exhausting just reading it, haha!

Pam said...

Thanks for a peek into your life! If I wrote down what I did, I would probably feel a lot more accountable for my time!

Mark and Tricia said...

very good, I like the dinner questions...maybe we'll steal them from you :)


Crafty Mischief said...

What a great day! Thanks for sharing Sara!

joeandkris513 said...

Sounds like a great and profitable day in my book! And the end made me laugh out loud...we're getting ready for that potty training thing- in just about another month. I'll take all the prayers and hugs I can get. So glad you guys are not too far away now! We loved spending time with you recently. Also, we found a house! Hope to be moved in by mid-November. Then we can all get together again!

Ginny said...

Loved reading your day - sounds a lot like mine! And to make a soup taste like tortilla soup - try adding some taco seasoning(2 tbsp), some cumin(2 tsp.) and a bit of oregano... A little bit of salsa too. Just made tortilla soup this week for first time and we all loved it. I used the recipe from allrecipes.com.

Jennifer said...

those outfits look just like you (and that's a good thing:)

Jill said...

I LOVE your fall outfit inspirations!!!- I'm SOOO ready for cozy sweaters and boots! Yay Fall!

misss_e said...

Super post, I read the entire thing! I hope you do this often!

Lydia said...

I love this. I've been tempted to do this on my blog so that my non-homechooling friends will know that I don't sit on my hiney all day. I love a good productive day where you still remember to hug and play with your kids. Good times:)

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

What a perfect day! Love it!

Also, love that entire Old Navy outfit. :)

Ruth said...

Busy day!!

I love those outfits but especially the green coat. I love fall. It has actually been warm here and we haven't worn sweaters and jeans.