Thursday, September 15, 2011

when it comes to decorating your house- do you have a plan?

I got a sweet e-mail from a reader who wanted to know how I started decorating my house the way I do. How do I go about the process?

That is a good question! For sure it is a gradual process. It is layer upon wall at a time.

This house started off as a blank canvas and I just started covering and filling it and painting it as I had time. As you probably guessed, there is no complete plan- it is a step by step- do what feels right at the time. I get inspiration when I shop- see something cute and cheap? I bring it home and find a spot for it (I don't have a very smart strategy to share!)

My advice if you want this look: keep adding color, pattern and textiles until you feel like you are wrapped in a cozy patchwork quilt. And lamps! Put a lamp in each corner of every room- and on every possible surface.

My style changes all the time. When we first got married we had blue and white everywhere (I need to dig out those pictures). Everything was country and baskets. Even when we moved to this house 5 years ago- I had baskets hanging where the paper lanterns are now. I like to switch things out so that things stay fresh (fresh to me...I in no way try to think that my look is fresh in the design look is what makes us happy)

What is your decorating strategy? Get it done? One room a year? Don't want to even think about it? Do it once and never change anything? Change things up every day? ((there is no wrong answer- it is YOUR space!))


Stephanie said...

This is a great post, I've been thinking about decorating a lot lately, especially since I tend to change things a lot in my house. I heard someone say recently..." live in your home for who you are now, not for who you were when you moved in." This is so true! Which is why I change things a lot, because I change a lot :)

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

My decorating style is like yours a bit, but I'm not brave enough to paint on the walls... YET! I want to paint a mini-mural in Ellie's room. :)

Brittany said...

I just love your house! And you described it perfectly, like being wrapped in a quilt! Although I've only seen it on a computer screen, that homey feeling still shows!
We rent our house. We've been here for 4 years and probably will be for a couple more. It's difficult to make it feel like "home" when we can't paint or put holes in the walls or do anything permanent. But, I have lots of ideas for our future home. Right now it's decorated with my kid's art work!

sweet and lovely crafts said...

I love your style. I especially like the colourful painting behind the lamp!

Sarah said...

I can't get enough of seeing your home! A dreamland!

Jane said...

My way is "get 'er done" when I first move in. This way I don't feel like I live in a box. Then I go back and edit and adjust over time. Kinda hurry up and wait.

Love your house photos. So cheery and bright. I can only imagine what kids who come over for playdates say. They must think they landed in a story book.

pam said...

First of all - I love you spaces! So warm and welcoming and cozy.

Second! Layer upon layer. That really is how it works, isn't it? No way should we start with a complete down to the last accessory plan. A room is always a work in progress and never "done".

Thank you! I really enjoyed this post so much.

Wendy said...

I don't go forward with a grand plan-- it's more about doing whatever I'm inspired to do at the moment. Often that inspiration comes right from your blog! :D