Monday, September 12, 2011

happy monday

I will keep this forever.

Thanks, Chrissie for the fun project idea.

working on our journaling skilz :)

Writing in shaving cream never gets old.

I cannot even believe the many different kinds of mushrooms we have seen lately. God! You are an awesome artist and creator!

The weather has been fantastic.

bonfire snack! (idea found here)

Hope you have a fabulous week! :) :)


Bethany said...

Love the journal entry! :D HAHA! And the bonfire snack is super cute & looks really yummy! :)

Pam said...

Love that bonfire snack, especially since we have been camping lately!

Jennifer said...

love the bonfire, the journal entry and the talented artist!!

Chrissie Grace said...


pattie said...

When I first saw that mushroom (before I saw the explanation below), I thought, "NOW what did that clever Sara create??":D
A polka-dot mushroom--I've never heard of such a thing! See, even God loves whimsy!;)

Stephanie said...

What a cool mushroom and I love the snack, but the artwork about you being colorful is a real treasure!