Friday, September 2, 2011

the foods of late summer

gumballs at the mall (is gum considered food? Guess not, the dictionary says "food is..any nourishing substance....)

raspberry salad (nourishing substance!)

what I loved about this was that Dave and the kids insisted I take a picture of the salad because it was pretty.

I think I hath thumthing thtuck in my teeth. (that's gross)

Blueberry/banana smoothies!

September is currently my favorite month. (it will be until October.... But wait -their's December! November is not too shabby either)

And there is something about pre-fall that makes me want to bake. My excuse is that the kids need to learn how to bake

anything can be polka dotted

Oh my word! Only sad thing about Nutella is all of the 35 years I have lived without it.


Speaking of cake! I saw this cake in the Readers' Digest.

Yes, since you asked (you wanted to ask, right?) I am still trying to eat pretty much a vegetarian diet. I love how I feel when we all eat healthier! And it is easier than I thought (most of the time). It is only really hard if you have not planned well. That is why I am not going vegan- to me that is a lot harder and takes a ton more effort to keep dairy and eggs out of everything. I do still eat meat on occasion, and don't feel bad about it- the point for me is to get as much healthful veggies/fruits/grains in as I can (within a budget and time constraints). So yes, I love this way of eating and will eat this way a long time, I hope (or until I discover a grand new diet...meat only! roots and leaves!....)


Jennifer said...

Love the cookies you made...too cute...and I have to ask....where on earth did you and Dave get that cake and did you eat it all?!!

Lydia said...

PLEASE do not tell me that you have only just now discovered Nutella?!!! How have I not forced you to eat it at my house? How has this injustice occurred during the four years of our friendship? I'm appalled. (mostly at myself for not asking all my friends if they love Nutella) And did you know that you can make chocolate cake in a mug IN YOUR MICROWAVE using nutella? It takes less than 10 minutes:)

Gini Mincy said...

Nutella is a "staple" in Europe!