Monday, August 8, 2011

waffle/pancake fun

I saw this on pinterest and isn't it the cutest idea? Watermelon waffles. ((with chocolate chip 'seeds')). I will show you the inspiration photo (but at the end and far away from my version- cuz hers is much cuter :)

pink waffles....when we ran out of green

This picture just pops in randomly to say Hi. Hello Pen-guin and stramberry (like I have said- she's hom-skooled)

I got this idea from the watermelon waffle post- put your pancake or waffle batter in these squeeze bottles. I cut the tops to make the holes bigger- and the possibilities are endless!

I like it..

Here's something I would love to make- and with the squeeze bottles (and some practice :) I may be able to- come spring!

And finally- the inspiration photo- sigh- someday I will make a waffle worthy of a pinterest pin....such as these beautiful watermelon-ffles.

On another note- welcome to you new readers. Thanks for visiting here at the art*house! I love you all; old and new readers alike. It was good to hear from you. ThAnKs so much for the notes and comments about my (our) dollhouse and our (my) schoolroom! I luv your feedback :)


Kim's Treasures said...

What a fun breakfast! Great way to start the day!

The Queen said...

Cute!! I just saw a recipe card (a lady from church brought them to give away, said they were about 30 years old at least) on how to make pancakes with letters on them! You pour the batter into the pan in the shape of the letter, let if cook a minute then pour more batter over it the size of a regular pancake. The letter will be more well done than the rest of the pancake so the letter will show up. I thought it was such an easy idea!!

Rachel said...

So fun! Sadly, our waffle maker is square not round. *sigh*

Bethany said...

LOVE the watermelon-ffles! :)) A very cute idea, and don't worry I think your version looks just as good as hers!
We don't have a waffle maker, but I have always wanted to get one!
Have a great day!!

JENNY said...

Those waffles are too cute! They remind me of when I was little. My mom made what she called Monster Cakes. She simple poured the batter in the pan rather haphazardly to make a monster-ish shape.

Sew Pink said...

I saw that same pic on Pinterest and thought of you and your love for all things watermelon immediately. They turned out cute!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

This looks fun, but my kiddo is just being so rebellious about eating anything right now I don't even know if these fun waffles would get him to budge!

Sarah said...

Very cute!!! My boys would love it!

Ruth said...

These are so cute.