Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday's Confessions

1. I love this salad! Tabouli, a Mediterranean salad with parsley and bulgar (I used quinoa in place of the bulgar) ((my family would hate this I'm not sharing!!!))

2. I may have mentioned it- but we are ready to start school on Monday :) It is funny, I have read so many homeschooling articles that say that in order to homeschool you must enjoy being with your children. I have to be honest here and say that homeschooling has allowed me to enjoy my children more. The last few weeks in August; after a hot summer, and them getting a little too spoiled by us-- there are moments when we do not necessarily 'enjoy' each other.....but the structure of school is good for the mincy family and our relationships.

3. I have been looking back at August of 2010:

homeschoolers are weird
first day of school
2nd day of school
coke vs. pepsi

4. Lastly, I painted this last August (how long has it been since I have painted on canvas??? It feels like forever), and it is a good verse to meditate on today.

Have a wonderful Thursday :)

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Jerusalem said...

ohhh I will have to try that salad! This year I had a hankering to Home School. Who knows, one day it might get me. I am a Homeschool kid afterall!

Sarah said...

God bless your Monday coming up! You are doing the right thing, whether or not you feel like you enjoy your kids or not. We are all there at some point! Having them close by is worth it all.

Kellie said...

You are always trying new foods... bravo to you! Homeschooling gives you time with your kids that you can never get back... enjoy every minute, even the frustrations that teach the teacher more than the student! Have a great weekend preparing for Magical Monday!

Sonja said...

That salad looks delicious! I'm guessing that if you liked it, you'll also like this one:
It's been my go-to salad recipe (esp. for those pesky potlucks) this summer.

Oh, and as far as homeschooling goes? My son is only three, so we're starting the "school year" off with a vacation to "really, really, really bigbig trees" (aka Giant Sequoias). I also bought a ton of art supplies I'm really excited about. :)

katerina said...

So glad you liked it! I have been meaning to make this with quinoa for awhile now, it looks awesome.