Monday, August 29, 2011

salty ice cream + planet art

As a little recipe reading practice, the kids made their own ice cream. So easy, really (too bad it didn't work quite right!!!!!!). You put half a cup of milk in small ziplock bag, add vanilla and 2 T sugar. Zip shut, put in large ziplock- add lots of ice and salt. Wrap a towel around the bags and shake for 10 min (or less). The milk froze beautifully and would have tasted great, except that in most cases the smaller bags broke open and salt got in. But, I am thinking if you get high quality ziplocks and maybe tape them closed it would work. We will try this again.

A fun art project that I saw here (of course :))

Trace several circular objects. We used a cd, a jar, paint bottles, a glue stick, and a lid. Paint the planets with watercolors. Cut them out and glue to a piece of black paper that you have spattered with white paint (I had the kids dip a brush in white paint and rub their fingers on it to get the little speckles of paint on the paper)

See the little square universe in the middle? The kindergarten class (all one of them) decided to do a second version; used marker to color a piece of paper black, made planets, then scotch taped it all firmly to the wall.


Brittany said...

That ice cream has been on my to do list for a while but this makes me really want to do it! And, I love the planet art! My son is really in to planets and astronaughts and outer space. This would be right up his alley!

Kellie said...

Bravo! Great art project!

Sarah said...

We did the ice cream like that. Yep, good bags are important.
Love the art!

The Queen said...

When we have made the ice cream like that at Girl Scouts we put the ingredients in one bag, then put that into a slightly bigger bag, then put that into a bigger bag and add the ice and salt to that one that way you have extra protection from the bags leaking.

LOVE the planet art work!!

Lydia said...

I just have one Pluto still a planet in your house?