Thursday, July 7, 2011

what my {faceless} kids are up to

I am so thankful for our little plastic 2 foot deep pool. We could not survive the 90* weather without it!

I am also thankful for our little library. The kids have been motivated to read- and are rewarded with prizes and a pin they get to stick to the country where they want to visit- the boys are picking Israel and NY, the girl picked Australia. The librarians are all amused by the many pins stuck to Antarctica (I told you it was hot here...the little readers are dreaming of ice)

Speaking of the library- I took my girl to the bathroom and we used the potty, (I can only say potty a tiny bit longer since my baby is 5!! :) and washed our hands- meanwhile, another little kid came in, used the bathroom, flushed, and walked right out with her mom. How is it that someone can live in North America and not know (or care) to wash their hands after using the bathroom?!?!??! That totally grosses me out. Especially at the library where we may handle the same books as that kid!!!!!

**Also- since we are talking about kids and hygiene- I took the kids to McDonald's after and they played in the playland for a few minutes- gross again! Every surface in there was grimy and it smelled like poop! (mmmm, that makes me want to eat my big mac!)

((sorry for the tantrum))

I am the type of person to want to be done with school and then when we have been done for a month- I am ready to start again! I guess I love a schedule. So I am really trying to enjoy the summer months- just trying to relax.....something that has been an awesome relaxation exercise has been coloring with my kids. I love to color and draw. And to just sit and not try and get anything done- or do my own thing- that means a lot to them. To our daughter especially. The boys have each other, and they play, play, play. And our girl plays too- but she always wants me to color with her. So I have been and it has been really nice. To find something that you and your kids both like- that is a big winner.

Anyway, all that to say, books + water + art time= summer sanity at the Mincy house :) What keeps you sane in the summer?


Kellie said...

You know my answer... smocking keeps me sane! I am glad to hear you color with "little Sarah Mincy"... she is a girl after my own heart!

Bethany said...

I know how little miss gigglepants feels! I grew with two brothers, and sometimes it can get lonely so those times with mom were very precious! :)

Debby said...

I am shocked that you like to color. Seriously, seeing you with a box of crayons, you must be in Heaven. I love the picture of Sarah on the step stool. What a cute top she has on. ENjoy the rest of your summer.

Stephanie said...

I can understand the need for a schedule, I feel all out of sorts lately. Ever since vacation I've had a hard time getting into a routine. I partially love still feeling like we are on a vacation, but the organized part of me is screaming out for a routine and quick! I need to start making some lists :) And I completely agree the blow up pool we have is helping us here too, it's been soooo hot!

Lydia said...

I am a big believer in the drive-thru window:) I know the kids love the playground at fast-food restaurants but it truly grosses me out-yuck!! I love summer and we are having so much fun, but I am excited about starting a new school year also!