Friday, July 8, 2011

plans and stuff

My parents are here for only one more day :( We have had a good time with them. My mom took my girl and me to this cute little coffee shop (and the only picture I took was of the top of this mosaic table?!)

Excitement: Dave and I decided to trade rooms/office space. He is going to give me the larger room and he will take my art room for his office. You know what that means?!?!??! I have a nice big classroom to set up and re-model!!! I am beyond excited about this. We are keeping the piano in there so we will have a music center, an art center, a reading center, little desks, room on the walls for our maps and posters and artwork. We start the switcharoo on Monday- it will prob take all day to move the furniture around and figure out what goes where....but I am confident that things will be ready for a new homeschool year by August!

And one more thing: Our church's Family Fun Fest is tomorrow! We are all so excited and have been preparing and passing out flyers for weeks. We will be doing the gospel face paint again (see a previous year here). To be able to paint hundreds of kids' faces and present the gospel each time- that is amazing! Each color represents a part of the gospel story- so we paint in order. I'll share more pictures of that next week. Have a great weekend and if you are local e-mail me and I can tell you where the family fun fest is located (10:00- 3:00 tomorrow, everything is free; food, games, inflatables, etc- I would love to paint your face!!)


The Queen said...

Can you share the information about the gospel face painting with me? We are planning our VBS, it will start a week from Monday. My daughter just asked yesterday if we could do face painting. This would be a great activity to do during the week! Thanks, Sarah

Petra said...

Oh, what a nice invitation! My family and me,we´d like to come, but:... I Think it´s too far away from Austira!! What a pity. Have a wonderful day, Petra

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Must say I am jealous! Sure wish I had a room to fix up by August for school. I must say I am itching to redo something this summer!