Friday, June 17, 2011

the sweetest town in the USA: Hershey, PA

We had such a good time on our vacation this year. We have been back for a few weeks, but I am still editing photos and relishing the sweet memories that we made.

We loved every single second in Hershey, PA. Here we are outside of the Hershey factory. I got out of the car to try and get a good photo of the HERSHEY COCOA spelled out on the lawn. The air smelled sooo good and chocolaty from where I stood.

Hershey Park was a dream for us. Our kids were just the right ages. For some of the time we split up; Dave taking the boys on roller coasters and our girl and I enjoying the kiddie rides.

I can only just look at the roller coasters with awe. Gone are my roller coaster days. I can't even explain it. Before Dave and I got married, I would go to amusement parks with friends and go on any ride. After Dave and I got married we went to a Six Flags and rode the Batman ride. I thought I was going to die. Never again. So no, I did not go on the Super Dooper Looper. But I went on the carousel and the choo-choo and the ladybugs :)

Even the street lights were adorable in Hershey! We loved the street names too.

A school on the hill with Welcome to Hershey written into the landscaping.

Hershey chocolate factory

You can't get tours of the actual factory anymore, but they have a ride that goes through a simulated factory.

Thanks to my darling husband for planning our vacation.

You are a Jolly Rancher indeed.

Good bye, Hershey Park, until next time :) We have to be back...we bought the refillable cup!


Kellie said...

We made that trip too and absolutely loved it! Imagine living in a town where you could smell chocolate 24/7... I would be 300 pounds for sure! I too LOVED roller coasters but now I get queezy just thinking about riding one!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to go there - these pictures are making me itch to start planning! :) I have the same thing w/coasters - used to LOVE them. Steve and I went to Cedar Point after we got married and I rode one where you sit and your legs dangle...took me 2 hours before I felt normal again - thought I was going to puke it was awful! Now he rides the coasters w/my middle kid and my youngest (if he's tall enough!) and my oldest who is ever so cautious keeps me company on the tamer rides :)

Stephanie said...

I use to love rollercoasters too, I've pushed myself to go on some in the past few years, but it's getting harder and harder too. Love your photos! Can't wait to take Jackson there this summer! We're off to the beach tomorrow!

Diana said...

Too sweet! I {heart} the hershey kiss lights!

She Looks Like a Mom said...

Aww, thanks for bringing back memories! We used to go Hershey Park when I was a kid. It was awesome living in Maryland because within 4 hours of driving we had access to Hershey Park, King's Dominion, Six Flags (my least favorite), Ocean City, and Busch Gardens. Now that I live in Southern IL, the only theme park nearby is a Six Flags. :-P Just not the same.

Ruth said...

We went to Hershey Park years ago and had so much fun. It's been too long.

I can't ride roller coasters anymore, either. I used to love them and ride all of them now I feel like I'm going to die.