Sunday, June 5, 2011

peeling, dusty, vintage happiness

Last time we visited Mark + Trish we found the cutest little shop in Manhattan. This time it was a precious thrift store right down the street from their house.

It was in an old church, and the owner lives downstairs.

Sign says, "Keep upper door to stairs closed.... Cat."

I would love to do something like this to one of my walls- paint in layers and peel.

Guess I didn't get pictures but I got a large, heavy glass jar with a lid for $4- A total steal. I also got a yard stick for my little collection. (along with the s+p shakers and little aqua drawers from my previous post...all for $10!)

Thrift stores are so fun. And this one was a winner.

Doll house renovations have started!!! We have one room done and we are giddy with excitement. "Mom! It is beautiful!" :) Scrapbook paper walls, striped curtains glued on, clock cut from magazine taped to wall. Photos coming soon.


Kellie said...

Cannot wait to see lil' Sara's doll house all decorated... it is your daughter's right?!!! LOL!

Stephanie said...

That doll house is going to be one amazing creation! Can't wait to see it!!!! It may even be one house that will be more colorful then yours :)

Love the thrift store, very cool!

Monica said...

LOL! and I was just thinking how bad I wanted to go in and sand and paint those old church walls before they fell apart! :) Looks like they have some really cool stuff in there! And I look forward to seeing pictures of the doll house.

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

How fun!!!