Saturday, June 11, 2011

patchwork love (*edited: added edited mantle photo)

I had had some wrapping paper up on the side of my fridge. I took it down and stuck up more patches. Patchwork makes me happy (Oh, you knew that already?!?!)

I saw the following picture on pinterest and knew that another patchwork wall needed to be done....the wall behind my aqua fireplace! EEK! Can't wait. I am on the lookout for scrapbook paper sales now.

Can't you see that behind my mantel? Here, let me find a picture of my mantel so you can be sure:

This was Easter a year it only has one painting and some pottery on the mantel. I think if the accessories are kept to a minimum - the patchwork would be perfect.

About that table that I painted in a color that was rare for me....Steph and Mollie's Mom, you got it! WHITE! I painted it white. It was plain white for a day and has black stripes on top. I am so excited. I was inspired by this rug that I saw on Shannon Berrey's blog:

Link(sorry about the huge letters...they will not be convinced to go back to a normal size)

My next move it going to be to find paper flowers to decoupage onto it the table.

*edited to add this photo edited in picnik- I added the squares to get an idea if I would like it or not. Ummmm- Yes! I like it :)


Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

can't wait to see your new wall! How do you stick your patches on the wall?

Kellie said...

Okay... you painted the table white but we have yet to see a picture!!!! I like the idea of a decoupage flower for it!

lizz said...

I love your ideas of using paper to decorate, but I know nothing of scrap booking materials. All I can find is card stock, which I am guessing is not what you use. Where do you get your paper?

shannon said...

Can't wait to see your table! And I love the color blocked fireplace!

Ruth said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out. Would love to see a pic of your black striped table.


Paper Pear said...

Yes please share how you do your decoupage!? I have never done that to a wall and wonder how you plan to put it on your wall? I LOVE the idea!