Monday, June 20, 2011

a different color palette

Reminds me of fall.
This is the 8th pillow I've made while traveling. We just need to get on the road more and everyone I know would have one :)

How is your Monday going? We have had a really good one so far- and I am very thankful. A good Monday is a rare jewel!! The kids slept in a little longer...I was able to get all the weekend mess shoveled away..some laundry done, Bible reading and prayer time was good...ran a mile on the treadmill...swam with the's 1:25 in the afternoon and I'm ready for bed :) :)


Kellie said...

I like the fall colors...and I love crafts that you can take on the "run"!!! Have a happy Monday!

Gail's Garden said...

One week from today! I'm packing my bags soon and gathering my on-the-road projects. One is for the doll house. I like the pillow!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

A lovely day.. and a lovely pillow for a nap!