Monday, May 2, 2011

my house at night (and finally answers!)

Here are the questions you have recently asked and answers. I love to hear from you! :)

Q: I've been wondering how you paint the words on your paintings. I am trying to put a Shel Silverstein poem on canvas for my daughter to hang on her wall at school, but I am having a terrible time with the words. Do you paint them? Do you draw them out ahead of time? Would you be willing to give me some pointers?
Thank you for the brightness you bring to my computer screen. Have a wonderful day. Patty

A: Hi Patty! What a great idea to paint a canvas with Shel Silverstein's words! His poems would go well with a whimsical image. I use paint pens to write the words. Sharpie has paint pens now. In lots of colors too! I do not draw the letters on before hand with a pencil or other. I just wing it and hope and pray that I don't mess up or misspell a word!!!! But I have had to throw canvases out because of that. Also, I have found that if you write really slow or try to trace letters- the words look shaky and contrived. Be brave and just do it!!! :) My advice? Practice. practice, practice your writing on paper until you are happy with how it looks. This may take weeks or years. There were years when I would never have tried to write on canvas. But I kept practicing.

Q: I am so in love with all the color in your house. But I'd like to know how it all started. Have you always had tons of color? My house is mostly red, white/cream & black. I've recently added turquoise (in shutters) to my craft area and I love it. I'm thinking about throwing in some yellow next! (the 'Trees)

A: I am glad you like the color! It has not always been this way. I started out with a lot of blue. Our wedding registry was all blue and white stuff! From plates and cups to bedding and towels. With a little red thrown in. The color has just evolved. I like the colors you are using. I am constantly changing and adding or deleting colors.

Q: Where do you buy your canvases? They're so expensive! Do you have a special site that you order from? Also, do you get your prints made at a printing shop? They look so close to the originals-- love 'em. (Wendy)

I buy my canvases at Jerry's Artarama. They have every size and great prizes! If you do not have one in your area- look online, and you can buy their cheapest brand and know that it will still be good quality (same goes for their paint brushes). Glad you like my prints! I do not go to a print shop. Just a copy shop with a high powered copier. A printer is going to want you to print at least 100 prints- and I usually do not want that many made :)

Q: I asked you a question in an email. I know you've been busy, maybe you haven't had time to get to it yet? (D.I.M.)

A: I am so sorry! I must have deleted it by accident because I don't remember it?!?! I would love to hear from you. E-mail is (usually) a good way to reach me- or a great place to ask questions is on my sara's art house facebook page. That way when I answer, facebook should notify you.


Stephanie said...

Your home looks beautiful at night, love those windows!

Debby said...

Your home does look so nice at night. Looks like stained glass.

Paper Pear said...

We are home hunting currently and I am sooo excited to decorate my home! This summer I am going to turn into the garage sale queen! I am so inspired by your home! I showed my husband pictures of your house and asked him if I could make our house an ''art'' house....he said yes!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Your windows look awesome! And thanks for getting back to me! I'll shoot you another email. Thanks so much! :)

mollie's mom said...

Sara, It's Mollie's Mom over at madebymolliesmom.blogspot. :) On the canvas question - I order my canvasses from Dick Blick. I talk abt. them on the blog. They are the Economy Classroom packs (not available in the store) and they are super affordable. They are the "flat" ones not on the stretcher strips and they come in tons of great sizes. Watch for free shipping and sales and they are incredibly affordable. I know Dick Blick and shipping can seem expensive but even with lots of places to shop sales in Atlanta this is my best deal!
Hope this helps - I love a good bargain tip myself!