Thursday, May 12, 2011

kid art + mother's day pix

The Middle Mincy has been drawing/coloring these works of art. Not sure what they are called and if it his original idea or not...but I love it!

happy and bright.

And colorful.

And the youngest has been drawing food, cutting it out, and taping it to any flat surface she can find.

On Mother's Day I wanted to get a photo with each child. The furry child made sure she got in one too :)

Me + my favorite human ever.

I promised to show you the hats from Mother's are 2 of them..:) More to come...


Kellie said...

How Sweet!

Lydia said...

LOL! Dave's face in that last picture....:)

misss_e said...

I think the art is brilliant and you two are the most adorable pair ever! Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Stephanie said...

Your sons art is so cool, very different!

Wendy said...

awesome. Love that your kids have their own distinct styles.
Must say, you find super creative ways to keep your kids' faces out of pics-- the dog "cover" is a nice touch! :)