Monday, May 30, 2011

Courageous! [the movie]

Dave and I got to go see a prescreening for the new movie, Courageous, that will be coming out in Sept. Here we are with one of the actors (the boss who interviews Javier). We were blown away by the movie!!!! It is the best movie Dave and I have seen.

Here's a bit of the synopsis (italics by me):

Filled with action-packed police drama, COURAGEOUS is the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures, the moviemaking ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. (the ones who made Fireproof). Riveted moviegoers will once again find themselves laughing, crying, and cheering (It's true. We laughed! We cried! We cheered!) as they are challenged and inspired by everyday heroes who long to be the kinds of dads that make a lifelong impact on their children.(I was challenged and inspired just as much as the dads in the audience! Anyone will be impacted by this movie). Protecting the streets is second nature to these men. Raising their children in a God-honoring way? That's courageous.

And here we are with another actor in the film who plays the main character's son, Dillon.

I think all the Pastors in our area got the invitation to prescreen the movie along with any other ministry team leaders of the church. We cannot wait to watch it again! We can't wait for our kids to watch it too.

Just as their third film, Fireproof, had the following book, The Love Dare, Courageous has 2 books: The Resolution for Men and The Resolution for Women. We got a sample chapter from each book and I am snatching up the Resolution for Women right now! I want to do this book with my book club in the fall. I was so convicted by the sample chapter; guess what it was all about....contentment! (goodness knows I need that) Perfect timing. Great writing by Priscilla Shirer. See info about book here.

To make the night as perfect as could be...Dave and I had a steak dinner before hand...just us, good food, and some crayons. What could be better?

luv :)

Bottom line- make sure you see this movie when it comes out. It will change your life and inspire you! (and make you cry...multiple times)


Marsha said...

I can't wait to see this movie! Thanks for the review.

Renee Troy said...

Watched the trailer and I will definitely see the movie! Thanks for the gave me chills.

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

This looks amazing. I can't wait to see it!
Also, I love your hat! :)

Diana said...

YAY!!!! I cannot WAIT to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the domestic fringe said...

My husband got to see a prescreening of this movie and he loved it. Can't wait for it come out in the theaters so I can see it! :-)

Sarah said...

What fun! It does look like an awesome movie. Chad showed it to me the other night. Wow!

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

I love, love, love their movies. I'm really excited for this one. Thanks, Sara. :)

Phonie Gorospe said...

i love this movie. May the Lord Jesus Christ will continue to bless the works of their hands..