Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I got to go see a friend and her new baby (sooooo cute and adorable, and no, I did not get the "bug" :) I can just go over to her house when I feel the need :) And I also got to see a painting I did for her hung up and clearly at home in her beautiful house. The ideas were hers- to have their initials and their wedding date included. (bad photo taken on my phone)

And I had to show you the adorable sewing cabinet of my talented sister in law's creation! It just makes me smile :)

Looking at those pictures and this one of my daughter at the park today, I realized what is almost always present in things I love: CoNtRast!

.The patterns in most of my paintings- small patterns contrasting with large patterns. Light colors contrasting with dark.

.Barb's bold + solid paint color contrasting with the pattern papered drawers.

.My girl's girly dress contrasted with jeans. The frilly socks with the sneakers. Beautiful :)


Kellie said...

Love the initial painting... I want one! Seriously! And the cutie pie at the end looks fab in her green tenni runners and frilly socks... and gingham and jeans...what a stylin' young lady!!!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE that sewing cabinet... so much I want it!!!!!!! I also want those frilly socks and sneakers too :)