Monday, April 11, 2011


Happy Monday. We had a great weekend. Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of our church!!!! We had a wonderful service. We have the best church ever. Thank You, Lord!

I did as promised and stayed off the computer Saturday and mostly Sunday. Last night I edited a bunch of photos and videos (the kids had their first homeschool speech recital and it was precious!)

It was good to be off the computer. But I did keep thinking of things to blog about...I will have to make a list and be sure to tell you everything!

Also, Dave and I went on 2 dates in the last 4 days!!!!! Wow- we are spoiled. We hadn't been on a date in for-ever...and to top it off- this week is going to be very busy for him and I won't see much of him- so we splurged and hoodwinked some friends into keeping the kids Thursday nite and then paid our babysitter Saturday night. It was sooooo worth it. Thursdays date was extra great because I knew that as soon as it was over-- there was another on Saturday! More about the dates later- I took pictures........

It seems like life is going in fast forward motion right now. I am looking forward to the summer- I am looking forward to clearing the calendar and being able to spend time with the kids and not try to rush, rush. But a lot of good things going on too. Dave starts softball with the guys at church and that is always fun to watch and cheer! "DAVE MINCY IS THE BEST! GIVE ME A D!...." And our oldest starts flag football at the end of the month. So that will be fun.

Guess what?! It is Azalea time at our house!!! Oh my goodness! The absolute best time of the year. Bushes that just automatically give us flowers every year?! Priceless!

Hope you have a great week! We are doing our achievement testing at the church this week (us homeschoolers get together and proctor each other's kids) so that's where we'll be.

p.s. About the questions that you asked for that one post where I asked you to ask questions? I promise I have not forgotten! I will do that very soon!

p.p.s. How is the diet going? It was going well, until today when we got home late after doing the achievement tests at church and I ate a hotdog and a half (in the bun), chips, 2 cookies, and half a Hershey bar!!! But I am not going to fall apart- I am going to get back on the South Beach/17 day diet plan and keep going...this was only a temporary set back...and also - who cares if every other person who does these diets lose 12 -15 pounds and I've only lost 3 in 2 weeks?? Who's counting anyway??....


Anonymous said...

Great idea on the achievement testing!
I am hoping to see your Easter decor. Do you have some up?

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Happy Anniversary to your church! Your azealas are beautiful! And congrats on the dates! My husband and I haven't been on one in.....umm....too long I guess! That pic of the flowers is really making me wish for spring! It's still snowing here! :(

Monica said...

I was telling bobby about your diet and he wanted to know if you were trying to blow away. i don't think he'll ever say that about me! :/ Hang in there!