Monday, April 25, 2011

surviving last week and our nests

It has been a week since I unplugged my laptop and decided to take a break from blogging. I missed you all so much :) I took lots and lots of pictures and it will take me a week to get caught up!

I did cheat a tiny bit. And the kids cheated a tiny bit. But for the most part, we did not have our faces constantly glued to a glowing screen. There was a lot more reading as you can see in this photo and this....

I discovered that I had a lot more time! It is like I was handed extra hours- free of charge!

Our littlest did great. She asked for a movie the first and second day- but by the third it was almost as if she had forgotten! She was too busy coloring or reading or building or picking flowers or putting together a puzzle.

The only cheating the boys did was to play video games on Monday night. That is the night I have my book club and Dave was watching them and that was OK. And then last night they played some Wii, and that is OK. They also got creative and played outside and did not beg all week to play video games like I had thought they would.

My cheating: Dave brought home a movie (again, I am not blaming him, it was not his media fast) and then there was Thursday pm when Dave and the boys had a practice for the Easter drama and I watched an episode of a detective show on the internet. And I did surf the web a tiny bit (on my phone). I found that I could shut off the internet access on my phone and I could have Dave set a password on there so I would not be able to turn it back on....but I did not go that far. Next time! Because- honestly, there was only good out of being (mostly) unplugged.

It showed me too how most of it is just habit. When I use my phone to call or text someone- I just automatically check my e-mail. All of that e-mail and blog checking is too much and I want to decide on probably 2 times a day to check.

Taking the break showed me that blogging is a nice little part of my life- it is a part that can keep my brain exercised and fresh- it is a creative tool and it can be an inspiration. But it is not a full time job - or a part time job.

So I will continue to blog and surf the web and watch movies- but I am going to do those things in small amounts. I am going to limit myself and not get wrapped up in media constantly. The pace gets too fast and there is so much going on that you forget to stop and be still and to spend more time with God and to have plenty of time to devote to your husband and children and family and friends.

This may not make a huge difference to this blog- I can usually sit down for a few hours a week and draft blog posts and save them to publish daily. So there may be weeks where there are lots of posts- and weeks where there may not be as many. This will make a difference on how many blogs I get to visit a week. I will try and keep up with you frequently- but maybe not get to visit and comment as much as I'd like.

I know things will change for our kids too. It was such a refreshing week. I want their childhood to be filled with those creative hours outside and in- they need to use their brains and not just stare at screens. Dave and I will have to talk about it- about times and restrictions. I am thinking maybe letting our girl watch a few movies a week- and the boys having a few days a week when they can play their games- but these things are not going to control us and I cannot have the kids putting all of their attention, longings, and energy into these games and movies.

Whew! That was a lot of typing :)

On a different topic all together.............

We made nests!
#1. Shred up some sheet music and old pages from a book.

Line the inside of a bowl with plastic wrap, spray with cooking oil, and then start gluing (I used mod podge) the strips of paper into the inside of the bowl. (I also cut the strips so the pieces where shorter.

Let dry over night and fill with eggs!

Easter place setting.

I have so much to tell you about Easter! Stay tuned...:)


Lauren said...

LOVE, LOVE the nests!

Kellie said...

Saying no to even good things is often a "good thing!" I love these nests... thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Sara! I missed your blog,but I agree with you on the turning off the screen time and having more time for God!! I turned off my computer all morning and did my Beth Moore Bible Study! YEA!
I have to tell you those nests are pretty darn cute!!!:-)
Thanks for sharing!

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

I missed you! The wreaths are so cute!

gailsgarden said...

Cute nests! Hey, you survived growing up w/o and you had lots of good things to do. But then what can we say about living in SJ, looking out your bedroom window at the bay, having a "mountain" up the street, etc?

Stephanie said...

Awesome nests!