Wednesday, April 27, 2011

eggs, easter drama, the hunt, easter dog, and a recipe


"Mom, can you just hold this egg right here, upright so it gets only the bottom red?"

The kitchen is filled with noise and laughter- everyone dying eggs and busy. Until all of a sudden I find myself alone holding an egg....



Our church family worked really hard on an Easter drama. It turned out to be a huge blessing. I cried about half the way through it! Wow. Especially when "Jesus" was dragging the cross and Ashlyn was singing The Power of the Cross.....
This, the pow'r of the cross:
Christ became sin for us;
Took the blame, bore the wrath—
We stand forgiven at the cross.

I was just so choked up and blessed to see these church family members that I love so dearly - acting and singing their hearts out - for Jesus!

The hugest blessing was that Dave invited a friend and she got saved! We will always remember this Easter.

The handsome pharisee (just kidding, he wasn't a pharisee :)


I know it seems that I am biased and only post photos of our girl. I promise the boys had an egg hunt too and I adore them as much as I do the girl- it is just that it is not quite as fun to take pics of their shorts and flipflops .....but they are cute too :)

We also got to have a baby's first egg hunt :) Our little friend was not sure about those eggs.

The hunt was good except for the ants in a few eggs, Dave stepping in doggie doo-doo, and the poison ivy sighting :)

Oh my dear- Sadie was mortified by the big bow I tied on her head.

She would not even look me in the eye...

(if looks could kill :)

OK- one last thing. I found this recipe in my recipe drawer. We did not get a chance to make them last week- but we may still make them this week- better late than never. I love the concept.

Whew! Thanks for sticking with me all the way to the end of that long string of photos! Hope your Easter was a good one of celebrating and remembering what Jesus did for us - and how He is Alive!!!


Kellie said...

Family, Friends, Fun and Faith! What's not to love?!!!! My "kids" still do eggs and we actually had a hunt Sunday afternoon here at the house... hilarious to watch my grown kids running around and enjoying such a fun pasttime! You're never to old for Easter eggs are you?!

Lydia said...

I love the pictures of the drama!!! Thanks for sharing your Easter memories! I want a Sadie!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

What a hunt :) Sounds like a wonderful Easter.

Lauren said...

What fun! Love your sweet Easter bunny...I mean dog! (Tell me he/she doesn't look like a sweet bunny in that last photo!) :)

Jara said...

I spy sparkly nail polish:)!!! CUTE!

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures. did you change your other blog so that only family could get in?

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Happy Easter! Dyeing eggs in muffin tins is genius!!!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a lovely Easter :)

Anonymous said...

HOW has it never occurred to me to use a muffin tin for dying eggs??? You are BRILLIANT!!!