Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eating Around America

We found a fun cookbook at the library, The United States Cookbook by Joan D'Amico and Karen Eich Drummond. It goes through each state, gives details and fun facts about each state, and has an easy recipe that the kids can make. The recipes are for foods that are original to the state or use foods that are commonly found there.

We have made the deep dish pizza (Illinois! The Prairie State! State insect- Monarch Butterfly!) Deep dish pizza was first made at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago in 1943...Dave and I ate there on our honeymoon in 1999.

Mmmm, this was good, although I promise, I only had a taste since I am on the 17 day diet.

Then we traveled to Kentucky (The bluegrass state! State bird- cardinal!) and made Kentucky Burgoo! Pretty much just so we could say the name; Burgoo, Burgoo, Burgoo.

I loved it, Dave and our eldest liked it, the other 2 did not like it. But I am going to continue making it (a stew made with chicken, beef, veggies, and curry..it dates back to the frontier days when it was often made with deer and squirrel meat). It was tasty, low fat, nutritious, and occasionally you would get an eye looking up at you (an okra seed looks like a little fish eyeball)

Tonight- Cincinnati chili!


julie king said...

how fun! don't you just looove the library?

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

PLEASE email me the Burgoo recipe. I am a curry ADDICT. And this stew looks super healthy. Rich and the kids would have it over rice, of course:) What a fun cookbook! Too bad I don't do the library anymore...one day....maybe.

manda said...

FUN! What is Iowa's recipe?!?!

Kellie said...

Even your cooking is colorful! You make me smile! By the way...explain to your inept blogging friend how to put the "You may also like..." at the bottom of your post?!!

ByHISgoodGrace said...

I'd love to know what it has for Connecticut?

Paul said...

would you like us to send you some venison? Ha, ha! We don't have any right now!

Anonymous said...

i did that book with my kids last year. super fun!

Brooke said...

OHHHH!!! That brings back such a sweet memory for me. I did that book several years ago with my boys and we had the best time. We made a little passport and "traveled" to each state, coloring the state bird and flower, learning fun facts, and making our recipes. It was a blast!

We are going to study American history again next year and the boys have already mentioned getting that book again. I sold it at a bookfair, which I totally regret!

I also remember we had "regional meals" once in a while. Can't remember if that idea was in that book or came from somewhere else. Anyway, we had Southwest night, Northeast night, etc. when we would group our recipes together. It was such fun!

Hurry and do Washington....the apples are so amazing right now. We did an apple tasting contest!

Anonymous said...

Looks like some great learning fun! I love to work cooking into our lessons all the time!