Friday, April 15, 2011

art room wall makeover [before + after]

The art room/guest room is slowly turning into a school room/art room/guest room. This wall needed some help (that is a time line taped up there). I am taking this room a wall at a time. And I am spending no money on this project. I looked in my paint closet and found some leftover lavender paint from the master bath. I mixed some white in and look how dreamy this wall is now.................................
I love this color to death. You may be surprised because you have not seen this color in my house...BUT- I have used this pastel chalky white/blue in past houses for my baby rooms and also in a kitchen. I loved it in the kitchen- it is a perfect backdrop for red and bright green.

OK - so this blue and the tan that is on the other walls in this room perfectly lends itself to maps! The switch plate is covered with parts of Hawaii. The clipboard will be handy to clip up important dates or school info. And the sweet flower painting is from the talented Lindsay at Paint Me a Picture!!! I loooove it :)

The banner was pure fun- map paper, scrapbook paper, sheet music from the Hallelujah Chorus, paper ripped from an old book of the Borrowers, and fabric. All stapled to measuring tape and ribbon.

The crate! The crate! I love the crate. This little spot will be a perfect place to drill flashcards and map games and stories.

See! There are the flashcards! The little golden book about manners!

Do I get too excited about room makeovers?! Is that weird?

Sadie likes this room too- so cozy and relaxing.

Can't you see my little students sitting in a little semi circle searching the map and answering questions? Yes, Mommy! I see Australia!

There I give you just a tiny sneak peek into the next wall behind the bed...see the cubbies? They snuck up here. I think I may do some kind of alphabet on that wall.

OK- leaving now to clean up the rest of the house. As you can see this 2% of the house is done...:)


Ruth said...

The room looks amazing.

I love the banner and the clipboard with the 70's calendar.


Anonymous said...

I love it all!! Especially the shelf/wooden crate! Great (crate) idea!! Haa haa haaa!

Kellie said...

Love it!

Trisha said...

It looks great! I love it, especially the little accessory lying on the bed. :)

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

I love it. Banner, painting, maps. EVERYTHING.
So glad to see it in it's new home :)

heather said...

looks cute, sara! i think i'm addicted to decorating's such a rush! :) i was inspired by nester's map post and put an old map of china that we had in sean's office during our adoption process on an old canvas that i wasn't using and i love it! it's so it when i see cute and fun ideas using what i have around the house!

stace said...

Love how the light switch is part of the wall art!!

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This post was so creative, fun and stylish! Beautiful designing this room. Really enjoyed looking.


Emily said...

Isn't the little Golden book on Manners the greatest?!