Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cake + cute

Have I showed you this cake photo before? I took this picture in a bookstore, I think- maybe of a Better Homes and Gardens. I just love this. The colors, the textures, the sugar! I am going to try to make a cake like this (this is hilarious! you remember my many cake wrecks, right!?)

This is just a randomly wonderful happy photo of my girl. Looks like she is dancing a jig. Hope it cheers you up! Hope you have a polka dotty, stripey- cowboy-boot kind of day!


Stephanie said...

Go for it! I think you can make a cake like that. Love the cowboy boots :)

Kellie said...

The cake matches some of your wall... I think that is a trend here! And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her boots... the joys of being a kid!

Anonymous said...

Cute cake and adorable girl! Find a good excuse to go make that cake!!!

Donovan Doins said...

Can't wait to see the cake, I know it will be beautiful colorful!

Jenny Stevning said...

If I had an outfit like your daughter's, I would wear it everyday! But in my heart I can have everyday be a polka dotty, stripey-cowboy-boot kind of day.

Dawn said...

NOBODY does cake wrecks like me!!!
My poor kids were limited to 13x9 cakes with frosting and m&ms.
Looking forward to seeing this one.