Friday, February 4, 2011

v-day place settings

Inspired by Lisa's blog and her v-day table I am feverishly trying to come up with something cute for feb 14 too.
(I like the little love note tied up thingy idea......speaking of, so I have been a bad mom and almost never write the kids notes. So today I made them each a little card and said some sweet things, blah, blah....

It was hilarious. First, when I handed them the cards they said- Oh who are we giving these to? Oh! They are for us? Why? What is today?

Anyway- and then they started comparing how many x's and o's I put on each and how I must love one more than the other because I put more x's!

I tried.....:)
Thank you, thank you for your comments on my book wall! It was so fun to hear from you and to know you like it as much as I do! It really is fun and I hope that you will try it. Even one long shelf like that down low in a child's room would be great. And it was so cheap! $11.50 for all that wood. (compare that to the $20 you usually have to pay for one shelf)


Dawn said...

Aw, thats so cute, comparing the number of x's and o's!!

Every year for Valentines, I cut out a bunch of paper hearts in different colors, and write the reasons I love each person - then I put them all in individual brown paper bags (decorated) and let them read their bag of love at dinner. Each person gets about 20 hearts or so, and they all like reading why they are so special to me!

Bethany said...

I love your ideas for the v-day place settings! They are both so fun! =)

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh cute, Sara! Can I be your kid for a day ♥

Stephanie said...

I'm working on some fun ideas to for vday, love the little note all tied up, cute!