Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hearts, dots, stripes, nests, carbs......

my girls.

I adore that my Little loves her stripes, dots, and leopard prints..all at once- that's my girl :)

(Since everyone asks about the patchwork wall- it is just scrapbook paper taped up there and covered with contact paper..you can see where the contact paper did not actually meet in that one spot there..typical sara miscalculation)

Last year our pink heart pancakes turned out much better. This year they got too brown- so the raw one gets the photo op. Does that gross you out, purple pancakes? The kids loved them, of course.

You can see some pink here and there.

And we made our Christmas wreath cookies into valentine blob cookies.

Why is it that I only know how to express my love to my family by making them eat carbs????

Best for last................................................
My friend in real life, Bethany, is giving away this adorable nest necklace that she made. Isn't it cute!?!? She should have an etsy shop! Visit her blog to win it.


Kellie said...

I love it that your sweet daughter is trying to blend in with the wall... gotta love it! As far as the pancakes... petite purple pancakes... Yum! (our house favorite - chocolate chip!) Etsy - what's that - JKLOL!

Jessica Heights said...

Your daughter's outfit is ADORABLE!!

Doda said...

Colourful! Not sure about the pancakes! But your cushion is fabulous! :-)

Rain said...

you obviously have my daughter instead of one of mine who only likes grays-browns&olive green!!! LOve-love-love your daughters outfit!! she had real style and taste!! keep stitching, Rain