Wednesday, February 16, 2011

eating the alphabet...letter P! (and a bit on kids' rooms)

One day last week we just randomly happened to have a number of foods starting with the letter p. Pineapple!!

Blackberry Preserves!

Pickles! (ummmm, the jar does not even say the word pickle?!)



Peanut butter! (smeared on the leftover purple and pink pancakes with the blackberry preserves no less :)


Pomegranate cut open!

Pomegranate seed removal made easy by the bowl of water!

Yes, it was a pleasurable lunch.

"Please polish off your portions my precious, pleasing, princess and princes."

OK! Enough with the p-words....

We started to tackle a nice big project today- organizing the boys room (again) has been almost 10 years since our first boy showed up and I still can't get it together!!! Now there are 2 boys in that room and wow! has it ever been a wreck in there!!! They are required to clean their room every day - but when there is too much junk and not enough storage- the poor boys just stuff things anywhere.

I went to Target and got some closet organizer things...I'll show you the before and afters in a few days.

Please tell me this: do you have your kids' rooms under control? Can you walk into the room without gagging and running the opposite direction? How many years did it take you to figure out a system? We have lived in this house for almost 5 years and still- I feel like I am not organized. Please tell me if you are not organized (then I will feel better, and like I am not alone) and tell me if you are organized and how you got there!!!!! (please, I'm desperate)


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

When it comes to the kids rooms, I am SOOOO not organized. I seriously hate going upstairs. A couple of times a year I will go through EVERYTHING and get rid of tons of stuff and make homes/baskets/drawers for everything. For about two days it looks good. The kids clean their rooms every day but it never looks the way it does when I do it. I have decided to just let it be, as long as the kids are trying, that is what matters. Hopefully by maintaining the rest of the house, they will eventually "get it" and like things super organized and tidy. One can hope, right? It worked for MY mom since I was a super slob until Kimberly was born and then something kicked in:)Now, I'm a lot like my Mom in terms of cleanliness and tidyness.

Little Mama said...

we are some what under control. The big boys rooms are the best they have ever been. we went and did a huge clean out this winter. tons of stuff gone. then they get one bin of "stuff" that's it! The baby's room on the other hand is crazy. he has so many big trucks that are just impossible to organize. and the train table that takes up so much floor space in a small room. So we are right there with you! just remember to cherish it now. one day they will be gone and those rooms will be clean and quiet and you will wish for all the clutter back! good luck with the organizing! show pictures!!

Cory said...

My kids rooms are not organized at all! I try to keep them picked up but it's nearly impossible! Even with making frequent trips to Goodwill with some of the things! My 5 year old daughter's room only truly gets cleaned if I go in and put everything away where it goes. And my poor almost 2 year old son is sharing with our guest room so it's to crowded to have anything in there and I use that closet for storage, so he doesn't even really have his own room yet which is going to have to happen eventually!

pattie said...

My best organizing tip is shoe box sized plastic totes...or whatever size tote will fit your needs--just not so big that EVERYTHING gets dumped into one container. Don't bother with the lid, that way the kids can chuck things right into the box when it's time to clean up. I use my beloved label maker and mark each tote box: cars, legos, train tracks, animals, etc, etc, so the kids know right where to put stuff.
I don't expect my kids to be as neat and organized as me, but we have one simple rule: Put away the first thing you had out before you take out the next thing you want. That way, they're not sitting in a sea of toys when you say it's time to clean up for supper or bed or whatever:) This rule applies for all areas of the house, btw: books, games, outdoors toys..
"A place for everything and everything in it's place" is what we aim for, but we settle for somewhat organized--but happy!!:)

Natalie said...

When my kids were little (not in school yet)...I didn't worry too much about it. It was impossible to keep the toys tidy, when they played with them constantly. Once they started school...I'd take 3 or 4 vacation days just to clean their rooms. I'd come out with sometimes 5 garbags full of junk, broken toys, old clothes...etc. To this day...Britt's room is a complete disaster. Looks like something blew up in there! Brandon has always been tidy. He likes to organize and have everything just so. Not sure if it will ever end for Sorry :(. Depends on the kids I guess. As for me...I am the most unorganized person I know! However, this blogging thing is really helping me. It's making me do things so I can blog about it...hahaha.

Alison said...

My kids bedroom is TINY, maybe 3 foot from the bed to the wall opposite, and about 2 foot at the end off the bed. A loftbed with a toddler bed beneath it. There's two skinny chests off drawers, perfect kids sizes (luckily, otherwise they would not have fitted!) and a small wardrobe for the eldest. There is no SPACE for chaos...
The playroom is a whole different story, but luckily that's a real easy space to tidy up, the kids do it by themselves and there's even accessible safe cleaning materials within reach.
So, by the time my bedtime rolls around both rooms are always neat. Then I have to work up some courage and enter my own space... Nightmare!

Jennifer said... know we are not organized. they "clean" their room, but it's not really clean!!

Jenni C's said...

I am learning that organizing is an attitude...actually ...if i believe i can do it...then it happens, and the children learn something...if i confess i dont know how...then it is disaster...and...i end up with a bigger mess...hope your organizing goes super well!!

Visible Voice said...

Not organized. Totally working on it. Figure it'll get done when my kids go off to college! Yikes!

Keri said...

I used to be the organizing Queen. There wasn't a closet, drawer or room I couldn't handle. Once I had kids, I lost it, completely. Let me know if you come up with a way to stay organized!

Stephanie said...

Perfect! hahaha, I didn't realize how many posts of your's I've missed. I've been having a crazy week and haven't been checking the blog lately, glad to be back.