Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cute pillows, cute letters, cute bag, cute book wall, cute dog

Map pillows! I saw these at my bearded pigeon's etsy shop. Wouldn't these be perfect for my boys' room?!?

I recently ran across this super cute blog, mmmcrafts. So many inspiring ideas. Here is the tutorial on the fabric covered letters.

And this beautiful messenger bag.

You will be inspired and you will say, mmmmm...crafts!

Check out the book wall that Little Mama created at Haven of color! LOVE it! She used red chalkboard paint for the wall!!!! How creative is that- and think of the many possibilities she has for changing up the books and writing on the wall.

Lastly, just so you can cringe at my sadie talk voice.....
She is my baby, what can I say?!?!?!


Sara said...

Sadie is clearly your baby! Ellie just said, "Let's see dat again!". :)

Shanna said...

Hey, you sound just like me!!! Especially when I'm talking to my 'baby', Penny Grey [German Shepherd mix, she's quite a big baby].

Kellie said...

Those who don't have a pet baby just don't know what they are missing! As I type Jack is barking ferociously at the open window... first sounds of spring and he just doesn't quite understand the new noises! Abi at 12 is of course oblivious and could care less about what's happening outside... smacking her lips and eating too much! Gotta love pets! Have a happy day!

Bethany said...

That is such a cute video! I talk exactly the same way to little Jack! :)
As I watched Jack listened too (no joke!) and was cocking his head just like Sadie when he heard your voice! haha! :)

Mark and Tricia said...

That's really cute! Sadie is too!

Larissa said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words re: the blog and the bag, and the linkage! Hey, I do love that book wall. Clever! I'm trying to think where I could do something similar at my house.