Saturday, January 1, 2011

us + norman

The art museum was having a Norman Rockwell exhibit that we got to see yesterday with my parents. How fun! He is such an inspiration. The exhibit was packed with people and I am telling you- people just walked around with smiles on their faces.

We got to read some of his are a couple that I liked:

"I paint life as I would like it to be."

I was born a white Protestant with some prejudices that I am continuously trying to eradicate. I am angry at unjust prejudices in other people and myself.”

I forgot to give you these Christmas greetings from Santa and me :) (all props and beard and edits done at

Happy New Year!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

I really REALLY love the photo of you in front of the exhibit.. It makes it all come together! Happy New Year!

manda said...

Happy New Year, Sara and family!! Looking forward to sharing another year with you!!

Debby said...

I love his prints. They are classic and each one tells a story. So much fun going to an exhibit of his.
Cute pictures. You are always so happy.....and that's a good thing.

Amy said...

I love Norman Rockwell. That's so cool that the museum put on a show like that. The picture of you two against the Rockwell painting is so sweet :)

Paige said...

Such a fun Christmas card. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Stephanie said...

I made a funny Santa photo with my hubby and I too, well Jackson was there as well.. he was a reindeer. Love Picnik!

That museum looks awesome, I would've loved to see Norman Rockwell's work.

Living Creatively said...

Awww! You guys look like you belong in Rockwell paintings!

Great, great quotes. That first one is a Sara-painting waiting to happen.

Heh heh heh You did a fab job with the Santa pic!!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

LOVE the fun photos!!! I also loved the Norman Rockwell exhibit- we took my Mom for her birthday back in November. It was expensive but worth it- that last part about the civil rights was thought provoking.

Tracey said...

Happy New Year Sara. I look forward to seeing what you are up to for 2011. I am sure it will be colorful and happy. Warmly, Tracey