Wednesday, January 5, 2011

spring back 2010

spring mantel 2010

spring kitchen 2010 (paper glad they are back now!)

spring chalkboard wall 2010


patchwork place mat

spring painting

closet transformation

bird nest cupcakes

chair transformation

What spring photo do you like best?

{1} spring mantel
[2] spring kitchen
:3: chalkboard wall
{4} painted Easter eggs
[5] place setting
:6: give more painting
{7} lolly pop!
[8] purple polka dot closet
:10: nest cupcake
{11} chair
[12] little ballerina


Shelley said...

I like them all...I love your home and your style of decorating...blessings

mrs.pabody said...

the lollipop... b/c of those great pink boots and the girl inside them! ;)

Kellie said...

#10... not sure whether it's cuz I'm hungry or because it is absolutely SO cute!

Dave Mincy said...

I prefer the poster over anything on the post ;-)

busy little bee said...

The purple closet is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I love the Easter eggs. Nothing says spring (and Christ!!) like eggs!

Kristin said...

I love the spring kitchen! I have a similar breakfast nook & always look to your blog for inspiration!!

Donovan Doins said...

How do I choose?????

3,4 or 10.

OK, I am picking 4. I love the colors, the lines, the checks in the back ground, the water in the glass.

Stephanie said...

The lollipop photo caught my eye the most :)

Emily said...

Sara, I love, love, love your place setting, but then I've always been partial to china and table linens. I have blue willow, and I was absolutely intrigued by the way you set it off. Love it! I'll have to borrow this idea! If you don't mind me being nosey, what is the top dessert plate? I'm coveting it! :) Oh, and I could also walk off with those vintage doll houses in the closet without feeling to terribly bad about it. ;)

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

I love them all, too. ;) Ellie has had a toy explosion in her room & your little one's bedroom closet has inspired me to start there!!

Tina said...

Absolutely love your spring painting! And that closet is so cool. I never would have thought to paint inside like that....brilliant!
Love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. :)

Ruth said...

My favorite is the painted Easter eggs. They just seem so bright and cheerful, but then again so do all of these pictures. Love them all.