Saturday, January 15, 2011

red + white and color all over

Can you guess what secret this photo tells?

Yes, the red + white gingham curtains are back in the kitchen.....what can I say? I have a problem. I am very picky, I guess! The patchwork window treatments came down (and Mom, you can have that fabric back! :)

Some of you asked about my coffee table- I gave the info here.

Have a great rest of the weekend. My poor little girl is laying on the couch coughing and wiping her ever-running nose (last weekend she was throwing up every hour). And we are watching football....see that's how I get so much blogging done...the more my boys watch football- the more blog posts get written :)

*the photos were taken with my iphone using the polaroid app.


Jenny Stevning said...

I hope your daughter feels better. I LOVE the gingham curtains! I adore all colors of gingham but red is my favorite. Just lovely!

Catherine Anne said...

I always LOVE it here. I too pray she feels better.