Thursday, December 9, 2010

the zoo [homeschool moms just want to have fun]

The very end of November was a great time to go to the zoo- we were almost the only ones there. The seal was definitely winking at us.

You don't get to climb on a giant squash every day of the week.


Not sure who the field trip was most beneficial for...the kids or the moms.

My absolute favorite of the day: the pink flamingos!

Our very own pink flamingo interpretation.

Real flamingos are so much classier than the fake lawn ornaments- not sure I knew that before. Have you been to the zoo lately?

Don't forget the patchwork tee shirt giveaway. I will leave it open until Tuesday.


Lauren said...

Oh, I just love the zoo! My hubs...not so much, but he takes one for the team 1x/year! I do talk to them all and want to let them all free...they are always welcome at my home! Ha! I ADORE the pix of your sweet little girl and the monkey...looks like monkey and your daughter are wearing matching polka dots! "Two" cute!

Donovan Doins said...

Great pic of the monkey and your daughter. Looks like the monkey is wearing polka dots.

Anonymous said...

We need to make a trip to the zoo to see the lights! Looks like fun! I love the picture of the mommas!!!!