Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I love the straw roof, the happy lamb, the star! She triangle angel. Our youngest is at the age (4 and a half) where I want to capture every single thing she draws, says, does- she is on the verge of not being a baby any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAH :(

So I am going to treasure this drawn nativity forever.

My friend Bethany has done it again! What a cute nativity scene made from polymer clay!!!!! I LOVE this idea! Bethany and I must have been separated at birth! (even tho she is about 20 years younger than me :) We have the same creative interests.

I also like my sister in law's idea for a nativity scene- she has found some pieces at thrift stores and will be on the lookout through the years to have an eclectic set.

We have 3 nativity sets at our house right now- one on the kitchen table, one on a bookshelf and a stuffed set that the kids play with. None of them are very expensive or impressive, but I just like having them around. Whatever we can do to keep reminding ourselves of the true reason and greatness of this season.

Lydia was telling me about when she was younger they would find someone with a farm and go visit the stable- on a dark and cold night. It was not set up pretty or fancy- but just to be in a cold barn at night...with the smells- as if you had to stay there for a night.............and give birth. What a memorable object lesson.

Another idea I heard about from an Adventures on Odyssey program. A character was telling how they celebrate Christmas in Mexico- they have people act as Mary and Joseph and have them ride on a donkey throughout the town knocking on doors (of people they know) asking for somewhere to stay. They get rejected at each place- and somehow the procession sings at each house, or carols throughout the journey. I would love to do this one year. For my kids to walk behind "Mary" and "Joseph" and a donkey. Seeing how many places they went to looking for lodging- feeling the feet get tired from the walking, feeling the hunger and the cold...............

Do you have a nativity scene? Do your kids enjoy setting and resetting the pieces around baby Jesus?


gailsgarden said...

You could make a nativity scene like that! And Miss Giggle Pants is following in her mom's foot steps. Does she sit on the counter and make play dough yet?

gailsgarden said...

Just remembered the polymer clay necklaces...fruit/veggies and school supplies...that fell off when they got warm from body heat. Heehee! The were awfully cute tho!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I'm already planning a barn experience for our friends and family next year:) Off to check off your sis-in-law's eclectic nativity set. I love that idea. We have one formal set in the living room where it cannot be touched and then we have a Little People Nativity that the kids play with. I could use a couple more sets:)

Debby said...

I have several nativities. I love them.
All you have to do is to look at them to be reminded of Jesus' birth.
Love your daughters picture. I have three grandchildren that are 4and a half. I love that age. Like you said, outgrowing the baby stage but not quite a big kid.
Have a great holiday.

Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

What a cute nativity drawing! I hear ya~ my littlest is 4 1/2, too, and I think her drawings are priceless!

Tracey said...

I love your daugher's picture. The little bodies with no necks is priceless. We have two nativity set in my home. One is made of clear glass that the children have always been allowed to touch. The large one is china and it is "just to look at". The baby Jesus is put up and makes his appearance on Christmas day. Have a wonderful day.