Friday, December 10, 2010

merry CHRISTmas from the sugar plum fairy

we went for the rainbow look on our tree.
speaking of rainbows...............

Kristi's somewhere over the rainbow etsy treasury is so cute.

December has been magical for us so far. A light dusting of snow, Christmas specials to watch, a tree in every room, marshmallow lovers swiss miss hot chocolate, cookies and treats, Dave's gorgeous choir cantata, hats and scarves and mittens piled up by the door, time spent with friends and family.

Hope you are having a wonderful December. We are (like so may of you) trying to keep focus on JESUS like we should every single day of the year. I am casting aside perfection and seeking to live in the moment, enjoy each day with my sweet family and friends, not to stress about stuff. How is that going for you?
p.s. on a different subject all together, check out the online flashcards at These are great!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, is she cute!!!

Tracey said...

Beautiful post.
Have a great weekend

Shelley said...

Beautiful tree...and thats a very sweet little prop in front of it too :)...your wee one is precious...Christmas blessings to your home,Shelley

Emily said...

I LOVE your sugar plum fairy! So sweet!

Stephanie said...

Cutie putootie!!!! I love your tree!!!!!!