Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I know someone famous (pt.2) Chrissie's book

You all know my creative blog friend Chrissie Grace. She has written another book, Sharing Stitches. And I got to contribute a few projects in it! She contacted a bunch of artists, we all picked out a yard of fabric, sent it to Chrissie, she then sent each of us a piece of all of the fabrics. We had to incorporate all of the fabric into our project. How fun. We are all such diverse artists, it was interesting to see all of the designs.

The book is so well done. I just love looking at it. Each page is beautiful. Each project is fun and very different from the last.

The tutorials are clear and well photographed. Chrissie put in so much work. I am so proud of her. And thankful that I could be a tiny part.

I found the worst possible photo of myself to send in.......:)

This was a round robin journal. We all got to do a page in it- and send it on to the next person. I think I was the second to last person to receive the book. Imagine the pressure to not mess up this project that so many people had worked on already! Imagine if it had gotten lost in the mail!

We all had different assignments. For the journal page, I had to paint a design and then print it out onto a piece of muslin. (if you iron the muslin to freezer paper, you can run it through a printer). So that is what the girl's clothes are made out of.

Other projects in the book.....

this one is by Danita Art.

book cover by Yetta Miller

Dishcloth by Catherine Thursby

patchwork shirt by me.

I am giving this shirt away. It is too tight for me to wear. The size is medium (a tight medium!) This would be a good little gift for a daughter, niece, skinny friend.....

Leave me a comment about love it, you hate it, you have never tried it, etc................and your name will go in the hat for this shirt.

Great job, Chrissie on your gorgeous book. I love it and will keep it forever. Keep up the great creating and writing!


Tracey said...

How wonderful to be part of such a great project. Sewing...well, I want to love it. I am really trying to get the hang of it and as of now I refuse to say that my machine doesn't like me and all pattens are written in a foreign language. I am going to have the can do attitude and be positive.

gailsgarden said...

Oh, your journal page is the CUTEST! (As only a mother would say...what's this about giving too much praise??? I have the bestest daughter, the bestest husband, the most adorable grandkids, the greatest son-in-law, very best son in the whole wide world) There I dare you to publish THAT! AND my daughter is SEWING! Can't get any better than that unless it is sewing together. Now about the tea drinking... See you soon! Can't wait!

Chastity Gomez said...

I need to make some dishtowels for Christmas gifts this year! And I love the shirt you created!

Kellie said...

Now YOU are "someone famous"... in a book and everything! And the journal idea was such a fun and creative idea. SEWING & SMOCKING are my all time favorite things to do!!! Smocking Christmas ornaments right now and will post soon!

Anonymous said...

first off, totally addicted to your blog! I <3 it! second, sewing- i mostly love it. sometimes it takes to long for me. im an instant type of person. I got a vintage ruffle peddle fr my mother in law. i am super excited to use it. but it came with no instruction. Ha!
Kelly Schmitz

Mary said...

I will grab a copy of this most marvelous book.

You know, I had a horrible experience trying to sew in middle school - lets see, that was 41 years ago!!!

Then in my twenties I received a sewing machine and never, never used it.

I purchased a Simple sewing machine months ago determined to learn to use it. I pulled it out once!! I still really want to learn to use it, I don't know what keeps me back. So, after the first of the year...see I am already procrastinating!! :) After the first of the year I am going to pull it out and leave it out! I know it will add a wonderful element to my work if I can just begin!!

tacky said...

What a neat book! I love how you all shared such creative ideas! Don't pick me for this...I just won. But this was too neat not to comment! Love to you, cous!

Julie Bagamary said...

Congrats!! Very nice work. I enjoy sewing a lot and strive to use it for the glory of my Lord.

BlueCastle said...

Congratulations on being involved in the book project! So awesome. :) Love the shirt too!

The Dreaming Bear said...

How cool is that!!! What fun!!! This book looks like a must have.

Bethany said...

The book looks adorable! And so does the shirt! =)
Well, my mother is a sewing pro...and has tried to teach me numerous times! I don't mind it, but I prefer sewing simple things like felt!
Hope I win! haha! =)

Chrissie Grace said...

It was an honor to work with you.
Sara, you are one of the most creative people I know!

Jill said...

Oh! my book arrived the other day! (while I was caring for little one) I LOOOOOOVE each and every page! What a delightful treat!! So excited for you and Chrissie Grace!!...and on sewing, looking forward to my machine coming out of storage! -soon hopefully!- because ya'll have truly inspired!

justin, jake and jenna's mom said...

Now that my major December responsibilities are over, I'm catching up on blogs! I love your page in the book and your t-shirt!!! I miss your blog....need to keep up better.

love and hugs,