Sunday, November 21, 2010

yarn necklace and some Q + A

This one is for you, yarn lovers. I found this necklace at a thrift store- it looks like it would be very easy to make. If you have yarn leftover from some projects- {some of that yarn is expensive and so unique}- might be a nice little project for you.

Took a quick little trip to Michaels today for some more felt (!)...such a surprise, I know- and I have so many little projects going on, it isn't funny! Thanksgiving- trying to get crafts and activities together for the kids for this week, along with making Christmas garlands for the tree(s), and making gifts- to top it off, our 4 year old found the Resurrection eggs and has been having Easter egg hunts around the house. SO MANY HOLIDAYS ALL AT ONCE!!!!!!!

Some questions you have asked me lately....

Q- what do you stuff the felt pillows with?
A- the pillow filler found at wal-mart in the craft dept. (if the project is very small, we sometimes use cotton balls)

Q- what did you use to cut out your circles from the felt?
A- I cut squares from felt roughly the same size and free hand cut the circles- this size (about 2") is a really easy circle to make- you sort of just hold the square with your thumb in the middle of it and spin it around as you cut. If the circle looks a little rough, once you stitch it together with another circle- it all looks OK again.

Now for the bad news: remember the Chalk Ink markers I blogged about here? They are wonderful and fabulous...on windows. I have used them and erased them and all is good- however- they do not erase so perfectly on the chalkboard wall. I did have the writing up there for a good month- so maybe that is too long- I erased them last week (with a wet cloth) and it left an outline that I will not be able to get off. The white was the worst- I can definitely still see a faint line. I can live with this- we taped some art work up there- and things change and get written on so much around here that it will be fine and no one will notice- but I am afraid that everyone will not feel that way and I am so sorry if I led you astray and did not properly find out the whole truth before I told you how wonderful they were!

Anyone else try them out?


gailsgarden said...

I was wondering if you had used the circle cutter that I gave you last year, after we made Christmas ornaments out of circles here and just about had a mutiny of those who made them.

Mippie said...

i'm of the opinion that one can not celebrate too many holidays at once... :)

i thought about you today-as i was touching up paint on my chalkboard wall from my chalkboard markers... i wondered if you had the same results. i work in a school and had the markers were highly recommended to me. they work beautifully - on a real chalkboard! they work too well on chalkboard painted walls. on things like our menu wall and tic tac toe board they are brilliant! i'm sorry it happened to you too - but glad to know i didn't do something wrong while painting...


Bethany said...

Love the necklace! too cute! =)

Chastity Gomez said...

I am making the felt garland for my Christmas tree this year- it takes TONS of time but what a nice piece I will have once finished! Thanks for the great idea! Pictures will come soon!

Living Creatively said...

Such a cute necklace idea!

I came across this site, and the jeans made me think of you! You could patchwork them with striped and polka fabric. So cute!

Jen @ Today's Rabbit said...

Sara, I bought some at your suggestion and have only used them on glass ... and. they. are. awesome. We love them so I thank you for posting about them so much!!!

I'm bummed that they didn't work so well on your walls ...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!